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H & H Imports, Inc. to Release “Hulk Hogan” PumMax(TM) Commercial Early Next Week

Interest in New Direct Response TV Spot Fueled by Reports on

CLEARWATER, FL, Jul 28, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — H & H Imports, Inc. services of Hulk Hogan to act as a spokesman/pitch person for its new line of pumice-based cleaning products, today announced that it will be previewing the commercial early next week on its websites: and The spot is expected to begin airing the following week.

Kevin Harrington, the Chairman of the company, stated: “I knew that Terry’s (a/k/a Hulk Hogan) involvement would generate instant interest in the PumMaX(TM)” product line we are launching, both on TV and in retail, but we were pleasantly surprised at the buzz generated by’s exclusive report that: “Former pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan is going back to his roots as a TV pitchman and hopes to become the next Billy Mays.”

When asked by about the perception that Hulk was getting his career “back on track,” Hulk’s attorney, David R. Houston, said: “I think it’s more of a continuation as opposed to a new beginning. Terry brings decades’ worth of charisma and credibility to the marketplace.”

About Kevin Harrington
Kevin Harrington, the Company’s Chairman of the Board, is widely acknowledged as a pioneer and principal architect of the “infomercial” industry. Since producing the industry’s first infomercial in the 1980s, he has financed more than 500 product launches resulting in sales of more than $4 billion worldwide with 20 products reaching individual sales of over $100 million each.

In his latest venture, Harrington is an investor on the ABC show called “Shark Tank,” in which budding entrepreneurs compete in pitching their potentially moneymaking ideas to business experts in hopes of securing investment financing. The show is owned by SONY Pictures and produced by Mark Burnett.

About H & H Imports, Inc.
H & H Imports, Inc., the parent company of TV Goods Holding Corporation, sources, develops, markets and distributes products and services through direct response media. TV Goods Holding Corporation was formed by Kevin Harrington, a roundtable member on the ABC show called “Shark Tank,” to leverage upon the track record of success of its Management Team. Management is responsible for having produced over 500 infomercials and spots over the years accounting for over $4 billion in sales revenues. The Company intends to leverage this experience and the current high profile of its Chairman, Kevin Harrington, to develop and launch marketing campaigns for a portfolio of products and services on a worldwide basis. For more information go to:

About PumMax(TM)
The PumMaX(TM) line of products is made from pumice, a natural mineral from the earth’s crust. It is all natural and contains no detergents, solvents or harsh chemicals. Pumice has been used as an abrasive exfoliant for centuries and is commonly used today in many households throughout the world. When ground to a fine powder its spiny molecules gently break the stains, dirt, grime and oils away from the surfaces of almost anything. Strong enough to clean oil and tar stains from boats and clean barbecue grills, it is safe enough to wash dishes, gentle enough to clean a child’s hands and, when mixed with water, will not scratch glass or mirrors. It leaves no chemical residue. The product owner is presently reviewing whether it can effectively and safely be used in animal rescue in situations such as oil spills and similar disasters.
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