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International wrestling superstar, Dave Taylor is now on The Wrestling Hotseat at http://www.myvirtualbc.com/wrestlinghotseat.htm

He is one of the preeminent British wrestling stars of the last thirty years, having performed at nearly every level and across the world on the biggest stages in both U.S. and foreign promotion. Dave Taylor brought his hard hitting Gotch based wrestling style to the masses and became a worldwide sensation. From a long time of grapplers, Dave Taylor has reinvented himself again and again and is poised to do it again! In this 65 minute interview we discuss many aspects of his career including:

* Being trained by his father beginning at the age of 13
* The memorable match with his grandfather
* Working with Steve (William) Regal, Dave Finlay, Tony St. Clair, Marty Jones and many others…
* His time in WCW & WWE
* The different places and eras he worked during
* How the WWE changed wrestling in England
* His run in with nefarious villain Kendo Nagasaki
* Alongside Paul Birchall stealing the show in South Africa against the Highlanders
* The top moments of his career
* Thoughts and memories of names like “Big Daddy” Shirley Crabtree, Giant Haystacks, Steve Wright and more
* Training and preparing a young Das Wunderkind Alex Wright and how they made his father cry during the debut match

and Much More!

If you have ever wondered about the British wrestling scene before the WWF/WWE came to worldwide prominence, then this interview is a must listen. Mr. Taylor is very forthcoming about his career and his growing up in the business. Not only would this interview be of interest to pro wrestling fans, but also shows the influence that amateur wrestling played in the British scene. With names like Karl Gotch, The Snake Pit in Wiggins, Masa Chono, Dave Finlay, Otto Wanz, Steve & Alex Wright and more, this interview is a history lesson in an area that many U.S. fans are unfamiliar with.

You can listen to the interview at http://www.myvirtualbc.com/wrestlinghotseat.htm via streaming flash player or mp3 download for free at


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