The 2010 Wrestleview Readers’ Mid-Year Awards
September 20, 2010
Article written by: Anthony J. Valvo of
Votes by: The Readers of


Well, after six-plus months the readers of WrestleView (or I like to call students) have spoken. 42 different readers of the articles on WrestleView sent me their ballots and now it is there time to shine.

I had 42 different ballots. However, some of the ballots were not filled completely and that is fine. I just again want to say thanks because this was by far more than double what I had last year.

Some of the readers provided a reason (16 different readers explained their votes) as to why they voted they way they did. To those, at least one of your reasons for voting a particular way will be shown in this piece. I appreciated reading the reasons and I think I should reward those that did by posting their reasoning in this article.

Also, remember that I did NOT doctor the results. All of them are legit based on the readers’ selections. Now I am sure I may get an e-mail stating “What are the readers problems on voting XXXXX over XXXXX?” Well, to those that will I can only say one thing…

…If you voted, maybe the results would be different. So don’t complain, it is not worth my time. The only ones that have a gripe are the ones that filled out a ballot.

I will keep my intro at a minimum since this is The Readers’ choices for the Best and Worst of the 2010 for the half-year. I will make an opinion on your choices though because I am a teacher and I feel that I must grade the performance of the students. No need to sweat to those that completed a ballot, you all earned an “A+” in the grade book this round.

So, with that said, here are the Readers choices for the Best and Worst of Professional Wrestling from Mid-January – August of 2010. What you will see first is the category. Next, I picked two names each and shared their vote for the rest of the WrestleView readers. I then provided the overall tally and closed it with my own opinion. Sit back and enjoy students, you deserve it.

Best Weekly TV Show

WWE Monday Night Raw (WWE) – All the better wrestlers are on there. (Jakeb Smith)

Friday Night Smackdown- I love the atmosphere of this show each and every week. The flow of the show is so fluid, and it produces superstars out of nobodies almost on a weekly basis. (Wade Bradford)

Friday Night Smackdown (23 votes)
Monday Night Raw (15)
TNA Impact (2)

My opinion: The readers were pretty good picking the best show of the half-year. Smackdown has a formula that they keep things simple, yet entertaining. I am glad to see Smackdown as the winner in this category.

Best Gimmick

The Straight Edge Society overall I truly believe is the best gimmick. Punk is Straightedge and the way he delivers it is amazing. I love when he says he’s better than everyone because of it. Plus, I don’t think his stable mates would be where they are without him. (Pat Lorang)

The Miz’s “Awesomely Arrogant” gimmick (WWE), what a rise and progress since his debut on SD then run on ECW. (Rocky Jr)

CM Punk as Straightedge Leader (17 votes)
The Miz being “awesome” (10)
Cody Rhodes as “Dashing” (8)

Others included: Mr. Anderson being an @$$hole (3). Jay Lethal, Kane, and Matt Classic each got one vote each.

My opinion: CM Punk is a very good choice. Sure, he has not won as many times as we have hoped, but his gimmick just fits the mold well. The Miz at #2 did not surprise me, as I think many wrestling fans are entertained with the Miz’s gimmick and his success. What surprised me was the Cody Rhodes at #3, as he just really came a long way since being in the Legacy faction. If Rhodes continues with this momentum, he may get best gimmick by the end of the year.

Most Underrated

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero (TNA) – I’ve actually stop watching TNA but when I read it, they seem to push then bury The Pope (Ben Phillips)

Michael Tarver. Now, before you laugh and brush this choice off as ridiculous, look back to season 1 of NXT. At the start, he was a dull, MMA ripoff-style guy. But over the weeks he was still there, he developed as a character more than anyone on any WWE show over the past four years. I felt for him, and when he was unceremoniously dumped off the show, I was legitimately disappointed. (Sam Newstone)

Christian (17 votes)
Dolph Ziggler (5)
Gail Kim (4)
D’Angelo Dinero (4)

Others included: Desmond Wolfe (3), R-Truth (2), Michael Tarver (2), Goldust (1), Zack Ryder (1), John Morrison (1), Evan Bourne (1), Natalya (1).

My opinion: Christian makes a strong case. He went from being the face of the ECW brand to being lost in the shuffle on Raw for a couple months, only to be on Smackdown where he is enjoying a mid-card spot. Still, with talent like that of Christian’s it is a shame that he is not at the main event level. Ziggler might be a bit underrated, but votes have gone another way because of his Intercontinental Title reign. Gail Kim makes a strong case, as she went from being a TNA Knockout’s Champion to being very limited in TV time in the WWE. Dinero I was happy to see get a few votes. Dinero may be the most charismatic wrestler in TNA and he is getting lost in the shuffle.

Most Underutilized

The tag team division on TNA. Up until the recent Beer Money- Motor City Machine Guns feud, the tag team division essentially died around the waists of The Band and Matt Morgan’s solo reign as tag team champion. This is another example of why TNA is in the position they are in. WWE already has a crappy tag team division. They don’t need someone trying to have a worse tag team division. (C White)

Christian (WWE) – They don’t give Christian anything to do so people have practically forgotten about him. (Kirby Pate)

Christian (12 votes)
Yoshi Tatsu (8)
Mark Henry (7)

Others included: Desmond Wolfe, Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, The DudeBusters, Kaval, TNA Tag Team Division, Samoa Joe, Gail Kim, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Generation Me, and Robert Roode (all listed got 1 vote).

My opinion: Not shocked to see this as a top three. Again, Christian is just too talented to be in that mid-card mix. I thought he should have been in that main event picture, but I slowly realized that Christian is just destined to put mid-card guys over and that is a shame. Remember when Chrsitian said that Tatsu would be “a future champion?” Well, I would be just happy to see him on Raw or even Superstars. It is a shame that a talented guy is not being used in a program now. Henry is a good pick here because a guy that big should get some decent time on a show. Plus, he has pretty much stayed healthy for a while now so why not take advantage of that?

Best Finisher of the Half-Year

450 SPLASH of Justin Gabriel (Simply a thing of beauty and the added effect of Gabriel hurting his ribs after executing the move makes it more believable.) (SUPERSTARZZ)

Randy Orton’s RKO (WWE) – It’s sudden, deadly, and generates a great reaction. The new Stone Cold Stunner. (Arturo Garita)

Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash (14 votes)
Evan Bourne’s Air Bourne (8)
Randy Orton’s RKO (8)

Others included: Wade Barrett’s Wasteland (2), AJ Styles’ Springboard 450 Splash (2), Petey Williams’ Canadian Destroyer (1), Kaval’s Warrior’s Way (1), Samoa Joe’s Muscle Buster (1), Big Show’s KO Blow (1), Sheamus’ Brouge Kick (1), Daniel Bryan’s LeBell Lock (1), End to an X Division Match (1), WrestleView Song of the Night (1).

My opinion: First off, very disappointed to see that not a lot of people pick AJ Styles Springboard 450 as at least a top three finisher, but that is the beauty of this poll. To see what our readers chose. However, I can’t dispute that Gabriel’s 450 Splash is an amazing maneuver (it even took down the mighty John Cena). Also, I have never seen Gabriel mess the move up so I can’t complaint that this was the best finisher so far. Bourne’s Shooting Star Press still amazes some of the wrestling audience and I still see many flashbulbs going off when he is up in the air. Orton’s RKO is simple, yet affective. And now he uses the RKO pretty much everywhere in the ring or out of the ring. One move that I will remember this year was Orton’s RKO while Bourne was doing his Air Bourne.

Best on the Mic

This one is hard to pick but I have to say that Miz is the best on the stick. He has just eclipsed John Morrison in every way and on the mic is the most obvious. He has improved on the mic a lot and now he is up there way Jericho and Punk. (Jamel Watson)

CM Punk (WWE) – he can deliver one of the best mic promos ever! (Robert Downing)

CM Punk (21 votes)
The Miz (12)

Others included: D’Angelo Dinero (2), Kane (2), Ric Flair (2), John Cena (1), Chris Jericho (1).

My opinion: When the fans votes, it seemed like it was nothing but Punk and Miz. I can’t disagree that these two are the best talkers in the business right now. Punk got the leg up over Miz this round, but I won’t be surprised to see Miz win it when the end of the year awards comes up. But when it comes to wrestlers on the mic, it is “The Punk and Miz Show”.

Best TV Announcer of the Half-Year

Michael Cole (WWE). Listening to heel Cole is the most entertained that I have been by a WWE announcer in years. (Paul Lyons)

Michael Cole – Most people are bound to disagree with this, but Cole has had a very good year in my opinion. I think NXT has really helped him, and he’s been controversial to say the least. I never had a problem with him anyway. (Mark Williams)

Josh Mathews (12 votes)
Matt Striker (write-in) (7)
Todd Grisham (6)
Michael Cole (6)

Others included: Taz (3), No One (3), Jerry Lawler (2), Jim Ross (though did not appear in 2010) (2).

My opinion: First off, Jim Ross…we miss you. Had JR been commentating this year, he may have easily won this award. However, in my opinion this was an upset. Mathews has impressed many with his work on ECW and NXT that he is the top choice for 2010 so far. With NXT being off the air soon, it makes some wonder what the future lies for Mathews (more than likely an interviewer for the WWE). Striker may not have impressed the staff at WrestleView, but the readers wrote him in as the second best so far for his detailed information and a bit of a sense of humor. Grisham is getting more popular these days as well. He has really improved and possibly he will be more votes as the year ends. Cole may be hated by many, but some are happy to see “The Vintage One” heel it up on NXT and he is showing a bit of it on Raw. Josh Mathews, enjoy this award and we hope to see you on Raw or Smackdown very soon.

Best PPV of the Half-Year

I don’t really remember a great PPV so the magic and greatness of WrestleMania XXVI (WWE) is put over for me, it was good too btw. (Rocky Jr)

WrestleMania XXVI (WWE)- Simply because we had the Main Event that we should of gotten last year (Ben Phillips)

WrestleMania XXVI (25 votes)
TNA Lockdown (4)
WWE Money in the Bank (4)

Others included: SummerSlam (2), Elimination Chamber (2), Royal Rumble (1), and Chikara’s King of Trios (1).

My Opinion: I will be honest; I did not watch Lockdown or Money in the Bank so I won’t comment on those. But I did see WrestleMania (aka Meat-A-Mania at my place where we had a dozen of meat entrees). I was sick a little bit that night, but what I saw made me happy to be a wrestling fan. Except for a couple of quick matches, WrestleMania really hit its stride in 2010 and I won’t be surprised if it is the runaway winner at the end of the year also. Besides, my favorite match of the year happened at WrestleMania (Taker vs. HBK).

Most Popular

John Cena (He’s still the guy who gets all of the attention) (Josh Parnell)

John Cena – Can’t help it but of the ones listed, he’s got the excitement that I want to watch when wrestling is on. Not my all time favorite, or my current favorite, Cena always has a way of providing the adrenaline that RAW needs from time to time. (Craig Alan Cope)

Randy Orton (18 votes)
John Cena (9)
The Undertaker (7)
Rey Mysterio (5)

Others included: Rob Van Dam and Kofi Kingston (1 each).

My Opinion: The top four get huge reactions no matter where they go. Orton has the edge because he has had some of the best spots in the WWE in 2010. Plus, Orton’s pop was all the fans’ doing and no one is more popular these days than Orton. Cena gets a mixture of cheers and boos, but he is still the face of the WWE and he has a huge following. The Undertaker still goes strong in popularity after all these years. The only shocker to me is that Rey Mysterio only got five votes. Mysterio is crazy-over on Smackdown, but when it comes down to the Most Popular it is hard to go against Randy Orton.

Most Hated (I thought it actually could be a “Best of” award)

The Miz- Having Cole kiss your ass every week helps in with this category, but Miz’s mic work alone puts in over the top with the crowd. (Wade Bradford)

CM Punk. It’ll be a shame if this man is not back in the main event picture before long. (C White)

Vickie Guerrero (19 votes)
The Miz (9)
CM Punk (6)

Others included: The Nexus (4), Bruderschaft des Kreuzes from Chikara (1), John Cena (1), Sheamus (1).

My Opinion: Though The Miz and CM Punk got their fair share of votes, combined they could not take down Vickie Guerrero. I can’t be surprised, as Vickie did “wrestle” at WrestleMania (got the pin too!). This is one where I actually am in disagreement with the readers. Vickie is an authoritive figure, but the loophole was she wrestled one match and got hated on. However, all Vickie has to do is walk down a ramp and yell “EXCUSE ME” and BAM…instant boos everywhere! Miz is pretty good encountering all the guests on Raw with cheap heat and the ability to poke fun at them, while Punk is probably hated because he preaches Straightedge to everyone whether they want to hear it or not.

Most Improved

I think Cody Rhodes deserves this one. He’s gone from a lackey in Legacy to a guy who can work a 30 minute match with no problem. Plus, his character is just so easy to dislike… (Sam Newstone)

The Miz (WWE) – If you would have told me 6 months ago that the miz would be my favorite superstar i would have called you crazy. CRAZY! (Kirby Pate)

The Miz (21 votes)
Sheamus (7)
Madison Rayne (3)
Evan Bourne (3)

Others included: Jack Swagger (2), Cody Rhodes (2), Eve Torres (1), Jay Lethal (1), Kane (1)

My Opinion: After three runner-up positions, The Miz finally took one category for Most Improved. Out of many wrestlers in this business, no one has really improved so drastically as The Miz. A name that we could do without three years ago is now a name that we never want to see leave. Sheamus got some votes for his elevation to the main event roster and he even won a couple world championships. Rayne is doing a nice job going from being a whipping girl in The Beautiful People to holding her own and won the Knockout’s Championship recently. Bourne has shown signs of improvement, as his wrestling is much better then where it was recently.

Best Feud of the Half-Year


Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (WWE) – Great way to drive our attention away from the fact we saw this feud just one year ago. (Arturo Garita)

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk (11 votes)
The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (9)
Motor City Machineguns vs. Beer Money, Inc. (5)
Jay Lethal vs. Ric Flair (5)

Other feuds that were voted: Nexus vs. Raw/John Cena (4), Michael Cole vs. Daniel Bryan (2), BDK vs. Chikara (1), Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson (1), Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon (1), Edge vs. Chris Jericho (1).

My Opinion: My choice did not get one vote (El Generico vs. Kevin Steen), but that is ok. The top four are worthy to be in this mix. Mysterio vs. Punk was an excellent feud that had some great wrestling (though I wished that Rey would have been in the SES for a little bit before Punk’s head was shaved). Taker vs. Michaels was an amazing story with an outstanding payoff and it was nice to see Michaels retire really at the top of his game. The Guns vs. Beer Money was a rivalry that I was entertained by over the course of the year. If there was a tag team feud of the year, this should win in a runaway because both team had some pretty excellent chemistry at times. Lethal vs. Flair was more about the segments than the wrestling, but it did tell a great story for the time they had with the feud. Also, it showed that Lethal can do more than just the “Black Machismo” gimmick (and I am glad that is gone).

Woman of the Half-Year

Wasn’t impressed too much with any women in wrestling but I hear good things about Sara Del Ray so I will pick her. (Jamel Watson)

Layla (WWE). The best of a bad lot. (Paul Lyons)

Madison Rayne (11 votes)
Maryse (6)
No One (Write-In) (6)

Others included: Eve Torres (3), Michelle McCool (3), Layla (3), Sara Del Ray (3), Angelina Love (1), Daizee Haze (1), Daffney (1), Alicia Fox (1), Gail Kim (1), Cheerleader Melissa (1).

My opinion: This is the first time someone in TNA won an award, and it happened to be the former Knockouts Champion. Rayne was a consistent champion for a while and shined with the time given to her on Impact. Maryse comes at a surprise at #2, as she pretty much has not wrestled since dropping the title. However, she had some strong charisma and it is disappointing to only see her as Ted DiBiase Jr’s valet. I did get six votes for “No One”, which shows how sad it is that wrestling companies don’t focus their women wrestlers as much as some hoped. Some of them can actually wrestle, yet are doing nothing and that is a shame.

Most Outstanding (pound-for-pound) of the Half-Year

AJ Styles (TNA) – Even though I don’t watch TNA, every time I do and he is wrestling it is just phenomenal (pun intended).

Kurt Angle – He’s still the best wrestler out there in my opinion. After all the problems he’s had, he still puts in maximum effort and has had some great matches in the process. (Mark Williams)

Chris Jericho (13 votes)
Daniel Bryan (11)
AJ Styles (5)
The Miz (4)

Others included: Evan Bourne, Kurt Angle, Douglas Williams, and Davey Richards (1 vote each).

My opinion: In my opinion, Jericho is “the best in the world at what he does”. And many readers agreed, giving him this award for his hard work and dedication in the ring despite his contract issues. With Jericho possibly leaving the WWE shortly, Daniel Bryan has a great chance at winning this award if he keeps his momentum in the second half of the year. Styles is still a guy that pretty much wrestles anyone big or small in TNA, and he is not too bad wrestling all of them. No matter the shape or wrestling style, Styles usually adapts to other’s limitations and puts on something very good. The Miz is yet on another and I say good for him. He has really come a long way and it is nice that a few readers recognize that.

Tag Team of the Half-Year

Sho-Miz (The Big Show and The Miz) – I feel that they are the most fluid and had a great storyline that they executed to perfection. (Craig Alan Cope)

Motor City Machine Guns- Good to see a traditional team, and not just two singles wrestlers thrown together, get some credit. (Wade Bradford)

The Motor City Machineguns (17 votes)
Sho-Miz (9)
Beer Money, Inc. (8)
The Kings of Wrestling (4)

Others included: Ares/Claudio Castagnoli and Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella (1 vote each).

My opinion: I stand by my pick that The Kings of Wrestling were the best, but I can’t dispute that The Guns are doing a fantastic job in TNA and they deserve to be the winners among the readers. With WWE tag teams only getting 10 votes combined (and their champs don’t even have one vote), it shows how watered-down the tag division is in the WWE and that is a sad thing. TNA got a good bit of the votes because even with only two hours of programming in the US they do the best they can with their tag division. The Guns vs. Beer Money rivalry was very good at times, and it shows that tag team wrestling programs can work. The Kings of Wrestling is still going strong (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli). I am a bit sad with their placing because ROH does have a strong tag team division. With more TV exposure, I am sure they will get more votes in this department in a few months.

The Best Wrestler of the Half-Year

The Miz. (Next WWE champion, and deservedly so. Everthing he has touched this year has turned to gold.) (Josh Parnell)

AJ Styles (TNA). See “most outstanding”. (Rocky Jr)

Chris Jericho (WWE)- Won a World Title, Won at Wrestlemania, Pushed Evan Bourne & Morrison…and leaves on a high-ish note for some touring of Fozzy….he is The wrestler for the last 6 months. (Ben Phillips)

In terms of athletic ability and match quality, I would have to choose A.J. Styles as the overall wrestler of the half-year. HOWEVER, in terms of overall wrestler, I’d have to pick The Miz. He’s been on a tear in the last 8 months and has had significant character development. His promos are very entertaining, and he continues to maintain momentum in his career regardless of how many times he loses. (C White)

Randy Orton (13 votes)
Sheamus (8)
The Miz (write-in) (4)
AJ Styles (write-in) (3)
Chris Jericho (3)

Others included: Daniel Bryan (2), Rey Mysterio (2), John Cena (2), Abyss (1), Eddie Kingston (1), Kurt Angle (1), Kane (1)

My opinion: Well deserved, Orton. The readers mostly agree that Orton is the best wrestler of the year. I am not shocked by this decision because Orton has really improved on his character and with his “Stone Cold” like antics the fans are just eating it up. So with that the “Most Popular” is now the “Wrestler of the Half-Year”, and there is no slowing down on Orton. Sheamus at #2 was a bit of a surprise, but I think the readers do enjoy this character and his vast improvement in the ring. The Miz and Styles were write-ins, but both have been very talented in the ring and it caught the attention of the readers. I think that is great that they added them in here. Jericho even got a few votes, which tells me that there are a few that still respects what he does in the ring. All five of them in my opinion deserve this, but Sheamus could have been down a notch or two.

And now……The Worst so far in 2010

Most Overrated

Samoa Joe (TNA) – I say this because of his attitude issues of late. (Kirby Pate)

REY MYSTERIO (If he is truly the Ultimate Underdog, why is he winning 70% of his matches in the first place? Do I honestly believe that he can single-handedly beat the Straightedge Society? Or outlast Kane?) (SUPERSTARZZ)

Drew McIntyre (12 votes)
Rob Van Dam (7)
Alicia Fox (5)

Others included: Samoa Joe (4), John Cena (4), Edge (3), Rob Terry (2), The Miz (1), David Otunga (1), Randy Orton (1), Rey Mysterio (1), Mr. Anderson (1), John Morrison (1).

My opinion: It looks like the readers don’t agree with Vince McMahon when he said Drew McIntyre would be “The Chosen One”. Maybe Tiffany agreed with the readers as well (ZING), but if any credit is mentioned I think McIntyre is improving a good bit. Will he be “The Chosen One?” Probably not, but he could get there soon if he stays out of trouble. Rob Van Dam was one of my favorites a few years ago, but sadly I agree with the readers because his TNA Title run was pretty lackluster. Alicia Fox…I agree. If she was not a Divas Champion, I would not consider her “overrated”. Since she was, yeah maybe Fox is a bit overrated.

Worst Commentator of the Half-Year

I haven’t watched ROH on HDnet so i won’t comment on those two. i think I’ll go with Taz from TNA even though it seems he has found in niche there. (Pat Lorang)

If Michael Cole does not win this award, I riot. (Sam Newstone)

Michael Cole (23 votes)
Mike Tenay (7)
Matt Striker (5)

Others included: Mike Hogewood (2), Jerry Lawler (2), Taz (1), Don West (1)

My opinion: You know what? I am surprised that Cole got this many votes. Cole has improved this year compared to last and now has a character. But, I agree that it may brush people off the wrong way. Sorry Cole, there are not many “Cole Miners” in my classroom. If anyone has been worse than last year it was Tenay. He went from calling moves at a regular pace to just being a mark for TNA (he is real off task this year). Striker was great when he started commentary, and now there is something missing. I think a two hour show may be too much Striker and I thought I would never say that.

The Purgatory Award

Zack Ryder (WWE) – A punching bag if i ever saw one. (Arturo Garita)

Kiyoshi. Is he still employed by TNA? (Jamel Watson)

Zack Ryder (10 votes)
Tyler Reks (6)
Shark Boy (5)

Others included: Homicide (3), Kiyoshi (3), Hamada (2), Goldust (2), The Great Khali (1), Hornswoggle (1), Mark Henry (1), Rob Terry (1), Carlito (1), Matt Hardy (1), MVP (1).

My opinion: To my knowledge, I thought that this award was to go to someone that has fallen off the face of the earth. Even though Ryder has not been on TV a whole lot, he is on for a couple moments every week. However, it is a far cry to where he was months ago on ECW. Reks was on ECW, and now what? I checked recent FCW episodes and I found him! Reks is not JOBBING in FCW. As for Shark Boy, I have not seen him since 2008. Was he even on TNA TV since I was employed at WrestleView?

Most Disappointing

Jeff Hardy (TNA) – Why would you leave your top spot in the WWE and go to TNA? (Robert Downing)

Kofi Kingston (WWE). Kofi finished 2009 on a high after a great feud with Randy Orton and I expected big things from him in 2010. Unfortunately he has regressed since the start of the year and is now just another generic Smackdown mid-card. (Paul Lyons)

Jeff Hardy (13 votes)
Rob Van Dam (7)
Christian (5)
Edge (4)

Others included: Kofi Kingston (3), Alicia Fox (1), Alberto Del Rio (1), The Band (1), Hogan (1), Ted DiBiase Jr. (1), Drew McIntyre (1), John Morrison (1), EV 2.0 (1), Jack Swagger (1).

My opinion: Jeff Hardy has been really disappointing. Last year, he was one of the most popular wrestlers in the world and probably would have gotten top dollar. Then he left the WWE, got into some legal trouble, and wound up in TNA (he will main event Bound for Glory). Even a recent push could not stop the readers to select Jeff as the most disappointing. Van Dam once again was a runner up in the “Worst of” awards. Remember when he said that he and Jeff Hardy were “rock stars?” Not so much according to the most intelligent readers. Christian I think is pretty disappointing, but it is not his fault that he is in this situation. Edge has been very disappointing because no matter what he has done since his return in January, he is just not going anywhere.

Kizarny Award

Orlando Jordan- Way to turn your personal life into a circus sideshow on national television. Stop molesting So Cal Val and licking the crotches of Samoa Joe action figures. Why am I even asking a grown adult to do all this? What’s going on? (Wade Bradford)

Why not Tyler Reks (WWE) in the options ? He does a lot of dark matches recently but will end up fired by the end of the year anyway (at least I think/hope). (Rocky Jr)

Orlando Jordan (22 votes)
MVP (6)
Alberto Del Rio (3)

Others included: Tyler Reks, DudeBusters, Yoshi Tatsu, John Morrison, The Usos, Lucky Cannon, and Eric Escobar (each got one vote).

My opinion: The Kizarny award was to go to a wrestler who was built to be a superstar, yet is now running in the mid-card, Superstars, or TNA Explosion. Jordan was primed for a push after defeating D’Angelo Dinero, and then his acts got bizarre and he was not seen on TNA in forever. MVP was “the highest-paid” member on Smackdown during his debut. Now he is making it by on Superstars and his work has been inconsistent at times. Del Rio is someone I would not place on this list because he has been living up to the hype that the WWE has given him right now.

The Worst Wrestler of the Half-Year

The Bellas. Urgh, need I say more? (Mark Williams)

Alicia Fox (WWE) – She’s improving very slowly but after watching NXT3 this week, I think she’s backtracking. (Craig Alan Cope)

Alicia Fox (WWE) – She WON the DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP…WTF (Benjamin Phillips)

Rob Terry and Alicia Fox should share this award. Terry is nothing more than a jacked up Batista wannabe with ¼ of Batista’s in-ring ability. I know a lot of people think that is in itself a small amount, but Terry makes Batista look like Ric Flair. His matches are sloppy, he has no mic skills, and his presence on TV continues to degrade the overall product that much more. Alicia Fox was the internet darling, especially with certain people on WrestleView. She’s the female Drew McIntyre. The company tried as hard as hell to promote her on TV, giving her opportunity after opportunity to get ANY reaction. Time and time again, she failed. She simply cannot perform as a wrestler on the mic or in the ring. Alicia has a lot of charisma, but it just isn’t being used to its potential. (C White)

Alicia Fox (13 votes)
Rob Terry (7)
Eli Cottonwood (7)

Others included: Edge (3), Lacey Von Erich (2), Kurt Angle (2), The Great Khali (1), Sheamus (1), Jack Swagger (1), Drew McIntyre (1), David Otunga (1), The Bella Twins (1), Michael Tarver (1), Abyss (1), Orlando Jordan (1), John Cena (1), Michael McGillicutty (1).

My opinion: I am sure somewhere Dave Stephens is doing a Riverdance because the readers agreed with him. Here is an example of The Riverdance. Pretend that Dave is Michael Flatley.

As much as I think Fox is a bad wrestler, I still stand that it is Rob Terry. Terry was a “Global/TV Champion” for months longer than Fox, and Terry was not that good. Cottonwood at least was gone from WWE TV in a couple months, so the company does care about us sometimes.


Thanks to all who have read this article. I hope you all enjoyed it. Give yourself a Gold Star for your troubles.

I will be doing this again in January with the 2010 Golden Yardsticks/Rotten Apples. Will any of those mentioned get a yardstick for their efforts? Or will they earn an apple that has been destroyed by insects and bacteria. Only time will tell, as we have a few months to determine that and who knows? Maybe someone like Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio, or even a wrestler in other organizations can surprise us. Take Care everyone and until the next awards ceremony, you are…DISMISSED!