Matt O’Brien maintains the Poll every two weeks

In’s most recent poll asking who TNA will reveal to be the person behind “them,” the results are as follows:

Who will TNA reveal to be the person behind THEM?

Hulk Hogan 9% (249 votes)
Eric Bischoff 9% (242 votes)
Jeff Jarrett 7% (173 votes)
Dixie Carter 8% (203 votes)
Paul Heyman 40% (1,059 votes)
Other 27% (730 votes)

Total votes: 2,656

For months TNA has teased fans of the impending doom “they” will bring upon TNA. Sting has warned us before and been ever so close to telling Dixie what is going on. Fans have also been wondering for months why Sting has been behaving so erratically. We are told that on 10/10/10 we will find out what the fuss is all about.

Coming in at first place with forty percent votes was none other than Paul Heyman. Some fans clamored for Heyman to be involved in some capacity with the Hardcore Justice pay per view in August but it was not meant to be. Many fans hold out hope that Heyman will still be involved and that he may be the most interesting choice. TNA and Heyman have yet to finalize any sort of deal, but could possibly do so before Bound for Glory. If he does, TNA may be inclined to scrap whoever they have planned for the program and throw it all into Heyman’s corner.

At a far behind second place was a vote for Other. This would be anyone not included in the choice. This is the highest votes for someone not on the poll has placed. Those who voted for this category left comments proclaiming that is could be anyone form James Mitchell to a combination of the choices in the poll.

Third place went to Hulk Hogan with nine percent of the votes. TNA may be planning to go in a direction similar to that of WCW did when they launched the NWO and put Hogan as the man behind it all. A heel turn for Hogan at this point in his career would certainly be surprising, but not necessarily the best choice for TNA.

Only seven votes behind Hogan was Eric Bischoff. It makes perfect sense. Bischoff is better as a heel as evidenced by his days in WCW and his tenure as the GM of Raw. He is good on the mic, which would help his henchman gain heat with the crowd. The idea of having a Bischoff type figure behind a conspiracy is nothing new, but could be interesting depending what Bischoff’s motivations are.

Eight percent of the votes went to Jeff Jarrett. This could be Jarrett’s way of taking back is company. He has also had time since his wife passed away for the sympathy of the fans to cool off, and he has always made a better heel than a baby face. However, at this point in his career he deserves to be a baby face in a sort of backbone role, much like that of Triple H.

And rounding out the votes is Dixie Carter. Could Dixie have been playing naïve all these months in order to fool everyone else? Could she be behind all of this? IT seems highly unlikely which is why it is all the more plausible. TNA has been hyping this for months that shocking the audience may be the only way to live up to the hype.

So just who is behind this all? We will find out at Bound for Glory. 10/10/10.

Matt O’Brien