Dameon Nelson of The Pro Wrestling Report sent this in:

Last night Gregory Helms was our Guest on the Pro Wrestling Report on ESPN Radio.

Helms had some interesting things to say on a number of topics including:

WWE’s “Youth Movement”
Upcoming Shoot Interview Plans
Thoughts on how he was used in WWE after returning from injury
The current situation between WWE and Matt Hardy
WWE Raw’s two year low rating this past Monday Night
WWE’s treatment of younger stars
Backstage “politicing” and manuevering

In addition to these topics, Helms was very passionate in his response to WWE’s recent comments about the average WWE Worker making $550,000 per year and working only 3 days a week on average.

This is a very insightful interview that is certainly a must listen!

The full interview can be found at http://www.pwrshow.com/news/31-headlines/11450-gregory-helms-interview-pro-wrestling-report-espn-radio-broadcast-92210


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