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By WorldWrestlingInsanity.com

As World Wrestling Insanity continues its Five Year Anniversary, Paul Roma returned to host yet another edition of his long running and controversial audio show “Glorious.” James Guttman joined Paul for a 49 minute discussion on ClubWWI.com that tackled a ton of hot-button subjects both in and out of the ring. A full list can be found at: http://www.worldwrestlinginsanity.com/am2/publish/newsnotes/glory12.shtml

Long time ClubWWI listeners know that Paul is not only a Connecticut resident, but a supporter of Linda McMahon’s Senate run in the state. Despite his highly publicized criticisms of her husband Vince’s company, Paul still stands by her campaign. James points out that in a little over a month, she could be elected as Roma’s rep…

“Yeah. She is. Isn’t that something? All the bad things I say about her husband and she’s still going to go to bat for me. How sweet is she? It’s beautiful. I think she’s definitely the frontrunner. You heard it here first, I said she’s going to do it. Now you know that I know what I’m talking about. I know it’s not over and there’s more but she’s gonna get it done. I have full confidence in her.”

Guttman asks about her campaign. Despite Connecticut’s long-running status as, not only a Blue State, but history of electing lifetime politicians instead of outsiders, her run against Richard Blumenthal has been highly successful. Roma offers ClubWWI.com members his reasoning for that.

“I think she’s saying the right things and I really like the campaign that I’ve seen so far on TV that she’s running. Look, everybody’s going to run a negative campaign at one time or another. It’s just the way it has to be and I think for the most part it has to be. I like what I’ve seen so far and like any politician, they’re going to say the things you want to hear, but hopefully that’s not the case here and she’s willing to back up what she’s been preaching.”

But is the campaign the end of that? Many politicians say what’s needed to get in, but once they do, they fall into the “business as usual” trap. JG asks Paul whether he feels Linda can “stand up on her grapefruits” once in the Senate or, as has been discussed in past ClubWWI.com audios, fall victim to those looking for a new Senator willing to curry favor…

“I think in the beginning, she’s going to, as you put it, ‘stand up on her grapefruits.’ Then, I think like most politicians, she may fall prey to pressure. I hope that’s not the case, but that just may be what happens. Again, I hope that’s not gonna happen. I don’t know until she gets into office and we’ll see if she does the right thing, stands her ground, tells everyone ‘this is who I am and what I have to do.’ Lay that path and hopefully she wants to make a name for herself. Look everything you do is going to go down in history – good and bad. You have Obama, who’s totally bombing (in polls). People just wanted change and they pushed him. He got in and now look where we’re at. So hopefully she’s going to want to do a whole lot better and a hell of a lot more than he’s doing and what most of these politicians are doing.”

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