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How Kurt Angle has kept such an intense pace in the ring for so long, and modeling his intensity after Chris Benoit
What makes Kurt continue to wrestle when he has so many other ventures (Angle Foods, acting)

Kurt speaks weekly with Dwayne Johnson, who says he misses pro wrestling

Kurt feels he will wrestle for one more year through his contract extension, then will wrestle part time – rejoining the WWE is not out of the realm of possibility, nor is staying with TNA.

Is there a chance for Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin to join Kurt in TNA to reform “Team Angle”, and how Kurt is lobbying for this to happen

What does Kurt think of Batista in MMA
Kurt already has the main event match at Bound for Glory planned out except the finish and he can’t wait to get with Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy to talk about it.

EXCERPT: “I structured a match for bound for glory, the triple threat match and I’ll tell you this, it will definitely be match of the year. I put it together and I can’t wait to get with Mr. Anderson with Jeff Hardy to talk about it. Regarding Team Angle, I’ve been really pushing for that guys, I really have. I really want Shelton and Charlie on board. Right now TNA have discussed it but haven’t done anything about. We’re brought in so many guys from WWE, and TNA has their own home grown talent and a mix of WWE talent.”

Full 20 minute interview:

His appearance at the very first WrestleReunion in 2005 (0:39)

His thought on his son Randy’s career and why he thinks Randy is a success (1:26)

Getting a kick out of seeing his son wrestle the kids of the men he himself wrestled (Rhodes, DiBiase, etc) (2:35)

Was there any pressure being in the main event at the first WrestleMania, due to the fact that Vince McMahon had his life savings invested in that event and if it failed the company could have folded? (3:59)

His favourite guys to tag with. (6:26)

The changes that he has seen over 20 years in wrestling. (8:55)

What its like to reunite with the legends at conventions. (10:17)

Will Bob Orton ever be back in the WWE and was the split in 2006 amicable? (11:42)

EXCERPTS: “I’m very proud of Randy. He doesn’t waste any movement and he’s just pretty darn good. He pulls his weight. He’s just a natural, they come along every once in awhile. He took to everything very quick. He learns and he listens. He’s a good kid all around and he always has been and we’ve always been proud of him.”

“What’s changes in the locker room? Pizza. What we used to get backstage was pizza if we were lucky. Now they’ve got catered meals and we didn’t have a masseuse in the locker room or a hair dresser. We didn’t have any of that stuff. A chiropractor was there. It’s first class all the way.”

Full 13 minute interview:

Topics discussed on this week’s Right After Wrestling episode:
– John Cena’s work in the last 24 hours of wrestling and if it is the best in his career
– Kane/Undertaker, should it continue?
– Should Hell in a Cell exist in a PG environment ever again?

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