Raw and Impact breakdowns for 3/22

Here is a segment-by-segment breakdown for WWE Monday Night Raw and TNA Impact on March 22 along with a quick recap of total viewers and demographics each show did.

WWE Monday Night Raw – March 22:
Final rating: 3.25 (4.53 million viewers)
Quarter hours: not available
Demographics: 2.35 in males 18-34, 2.99 in males 35-49
* Was the lowest rated go-home Wrestlemania TV show since 1997
* Overall viewers were down 18% from the prior week

TNA Impact – March 22:
Final rating: 0.9 cable rating (1.2 million viewers)
Quarter hours: 0.79, 0.85, 0.93, 0.76, 0.85, 0.97, 0.89, 0.85 and 0.81
Demographics: 0.85 in males 18-49, 0.86 in males 18-34
* Overall viewers were up 10% from the prior week

Segment-by-segment breakdowns:

Segment 1:
Raw opened with a 2.94 with a Shawn Michaels promo also featuring Pete Rose, while Impact opened with a 0.79 featuring a segment between Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett.

Segment 2:
Raw featuring John Morrison vs. The Miz gained 44,000 viewers, while Impact featuring a Knockouts eight person tag team match gained 84,000 viewers.

Segment 3:
Raw with a final “Money in the Bank” qualifying match between Kofi Kingston and Vladimir Kozlov lost 80,000 viewers, while Impact with an in-ring segment involving Hulk Hogan, Abyss, AJ Styles, Ric Flair, Sting and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero gained 111,000 viewers.

Segment 4:
Promos by Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes on Raw leading into DiBiase, Rhodes and Sheamus vs. Triple H and Randy Orton gained 584,000 viewers, while Impact with a squash match between Rob Terry and Tomko for the TNA Global Championship lost 235,000 viewers for the lowest quarter hour of the night with a 0.76.

Segment 5:
Raw with Triple H and Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and Sheamus gained 243,000 viewers, while Impact featuring Jeff Jarrett vs. Mick Foley where the loser would be fired from TNA gained 291,000 viewers for a peak quarter hour rating of a 0.97. The first part of Jarrett vs. Foley gained 126,000 viewers going up the 2 on 3 tag match on Raw.

Segment 6:
The Jarrett/Foley post-match on Impact and Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam challenging Beer Money to a match later in the night gained another 165,000 viewers, while Raw featuring a promo by Bret Hart (with an appearance by Vince McMahon) and the beginning of Shawn Michaels vs. Kane lost 136,000 viewers.

Segment 7:
The ending of Shawn Michaels vs. Kane, the Bob Uecker Hall of Fame vidoe package and Christian talking with Pete Rose backstage lost 11,000 viewers, while Impact with Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez lost 112,000 viewers.

Segment 8/Overrun:
Main event of Impact featuring Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy vs. Beer Money lost 112,000 viewers total meaning it lost viewers as the match went on (the overrun did a 0.81 rating, down from the 0.85 in the prior quarter hour at the start of the match and lost 56,000 viewers each quarter). Raw with the Divas tag match lost 171,000 viewers, but rebounded in the overrun with the Batista/John Cena confrontation gaining 590,000 viewers for a 3.70 peak quarter hour rating.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter