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Sika the Wild Samoan joined Jack E. Jones, Oneinchbiceps and Barbie Richards for the September 29th edition of In Your Head Wrestling Radio.

Jack begins the interview by asking if what he’s heard about Sika and Afa being fans before they got into wresting and being pretty rowdy. When you’re raised in San Francisco with it being crowded where he lived you got to stand up, and make your way sometimes, and when trouble comes down your way you can’t run, and you have to just stand up and let them know who you are. Him and Ada did that from when they were young kids, and its how they got invited into professional wrestling. Sika says he used to watch wrestling in the Cow Palace, and there was always something going on in his generation.

Jack asks if there was anyone who’d get him riled up, or if it was just whoever was facing Peter Maivia. He says his brother didn’t really tell him anything about the business, and it took him a long time to learn that it’s a hard job.

Barbie asks a question from the message board, if he has any memories of working in British Colombia or Canada in general. He says he remembers working in Calgary, but he forgets as the age goes on. He says he learned most of his craft from watching and learning up in Stu Hart’s Dungeon, he went all over Canada, he likes it up in Canada.

Jack asks what its like to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. He didn’t know how important it was, because they didn’t have that type of thing back home, even when you graduate in school. His brother told him that in America its very special, that its a spot which is like the top of the sport. He was shocked with the whole thing as he didn’t talk that much, as he only talked about his kids and the road, it makes him think back at the time on the highway, with a black and blue eye a busted mouth and all the people that they wrestled all of it came back to him as its a hard work. Its like another name that he’s adding to his life and he likes it.

He’s asked by Jack if he wears the ring. Sika says he does wear it when he goes places, but otherwise he locks it up. It’s the best ring he’s had in his life.

Jack asks if he’s been long time friends with the McMahon family. He hopes so as they’ve been there over 30 years, he always has loyalty to the McMahon family. They worked from Calgary down to Seattle to San Francisco, Texas, Louisiana, and they always ask where the money is, and they said you have to go to New York. A few times when they ran shows with Andre the Giant, they knew him and Afa were true Samoan. He thinks Andre had something to do with getting them in New York.

Jack asks if he had fun being the bad guy. He’s always careful in Boston as they wave knives, and they throw a lot of stuff in Louisville when walking to the ring, most of the stuff smells so bad as they probably went into the toilet and scooped it up to throw at them. He loves it because they’re there.

He says against Lou Albano and Tito Santana he told his brother they better get in there quick before they scoop it up. Jack asks what Lou Albano was like. He’s a great man and he loves Lou, he’s always a fun person to be around.

A caller asks about the Iron Sheik. He says he’s his brother and a good man, he says likes the Sheik. He hasn’t seen Sheik in a while but he hopes he’s healthy and still good.

Jack asks about King Curtis. He’s a cool person, he’s fun and funny. He’s like Lou as there isn’t a boring time. He learned so much from the generation above him and they always said don’t worry go in there and beat the living crap out of them and get out of there. That’s the education they get from those guys and those guys are great.

Jack asks if he thinks a lot of people copied him, because he was doing hardcore before it was a word. Sika says he thinks they have, as far as a style like that, as the way he moves the way speaks.

Jack asks about King Kong Bundy whether he liked him as the guy who everyone was afraid of early in his career or the comedy character later in his career. He says he liked when he tore at the turnbuckles, as he looks at the peoples face as they love it and he says that his job is done. He says its the same when they throw stuff at him and Afa and wave knives at them and he thinks in his heart that his job was done.

OIB asks a question from the message board about how it seemed that Vince McMahon put him on the backburner after losing the tag titles to Johnson and Atlas. He doesn’t know but there were a lot of teams on the road at the time. He hopes he’d have another chance at running with the belts but he guesses it isn’t the way it went.

Jack asks if he preferred tag teaming or singles competition. He specialized in tag teaming and they can both go in singles competition too. He thinks they’re the best tag team. Its too bad they didn’t run with the Freebirds or Road Warriors, as they were both very strong teams because the Road Warriors were a very strong team coming in and Michael Hayes had that very pretty face which the girls loved. He says that he didn’t care who they wrestled as long as they were able to take care of their family.

Jack asks about his time in Mid South and his opinion on Bill Watts. Sika says Bill Watts doesn’t mess with them, he knows who he can play with.

Barbie asks a question from the message board about his thoughts on the Headshrinkers in the 90s. He was proud and very happy, it was one of the best teams that McMahon put up.

A caller asks if he thinks the WWE used Umaga’s character well. Sika says he likes him and Afa in the fact he had no fear, and he’s a fast learner. He was ready to do anything the WWE told him he needed to do.

A caller asks who his toughest opponent was. Sika answers very quickly saying Andre the Giant, he’d slap your chest and put his hand on your face which would cover the whole face. When he slams you, you’ll feel it the next morning.

Barbie asks a question from the message board about his memories of the film Bodyslam. He says he hasn’t seen it in a long time and that they should do a movie like that again. He remembers theres a story on that film which needs to be continued for another generation. He says that his brother has a son named Afa and he has a son named Leakee which could be continued. He’s sure they could probably make some money out of it.

Jack asks his thoughts on Roddy Piper. Sika says he’s a good kid and when Sika came in the business he guesses Roddy was born in the ring because he’s been in it so long. He’s one of the few people who he was told has spent his whole life in the business. He likes Roddy Piper.

OIB asks a question from the message board, about what kind of advice the young people ask him when coming into the business. They ask mostly about wanting to go to New York, Sika says first you have to be healthy and learn the respect, got to get in the ring and eat sleep and live the business, and learn in the ring. He advices the kids to stay healthy and not do anything to harm their body. No problem in having a few beers, but you have to work hard for the fans.

Jack asks about Yokozuuna winning the World Title. He says that he was very proud, he said he appreciates the company giving him the chance to prove himself. He says unfortunately there were a lot of top names coming in. Yokozuna always asked his opinion and that he always wanted to move like Sika and Sika would tell him just move a bit quicker next time. Sika says he missed Yokozuna as well as Umaga.

OIB asks a question from a fan about what he thinks about the Uso’s who are currently in the WWE. They’re going to be good its just a matter of time he thinks they’re just going to be like The Wild Samoans.

Barbie asks what he thinks is missing from Tag Team wrestling. Sika says that the style has changed, and there are a lot of pretty boys today and its missing a lot of wild people.

Jack asks a question from a fan about how it was wrestling barefoot. It was alright sometimes but when people start throwing nails and glass it makes it hard when your feet are cut. But he feels comfortable wrestling barefoot. The same fan also asked if he really had eaten the raw fish and chicken. He says he did and thinks it was somebody who gave us a chicken and it was a test to see if we could do it.

Jack asks if he remembers wrestling at the Cape Cod Coliseum. He says he still thinks about it, where he used to go and where the arena is at.

Barbie asks besides New York, what his favourite territory was to wrestle in. He says he liked Pensacola, other than Pensacola, New York is his favourite. No one could take care of his family like McMahon, he thinks of McMahon’s family as his family.

Jack asks his opinion on Linda McMahon going into Politics. He says he loves it and thinks she’s a good woman and helps a lot of people and thinks she should go all the way to the White House. She’s a very smart and respectable lady, he thinks she’s done a lot of good things for his family and the wrestling world.

Jack asks a question from a fan about what it’s to wrestle Hulk Hogan. He says he’s big kid and like another giant, Sika says he does what he can for Hogan and tries to jump in and rake the eyes, and he does what he can to try and make himself last a little longer, and he can see why the young took a liking to him.

Jack asks if we’ll see another person like Stone Cold or Hulk Hogan. He thinks we will, as time goes on time changes and someone will be like them. As long as they keep the people happy.

Jack asks if wrestling is popular in Samoa. Sika says its all they really do in Samoa.

Jack asks if he still makes any wrestling appearances. He hopes someone will contact him since the Florida beach is messed up with the oil spill. Sika says he can still lay in that Judo chop in there, he says when Harley Race popped that chop in there he thinks he got the best one. He says Gorilla Monsoon who’s another big guy also laid in that chop.

Barbie asks Gorilla Monsoon is as good as everyone says he is. Sika says yes if he liked you he’d tell you if he didn’t like you he’d tell you. Sika says in the islands they like people who tell you straight and thats what he did.

A caller asks who his favourite person was to wrestle. He says he liked working with everyone and its not just one specific wrestler.

Jack asks if there is anything he’d like to say to his fans before the interview ends. He says thank you for everyone supporting him and his brother and his family, and if there was anything he did which they didn’t like he’s sorry, and he hopes everyone’s keeping good and living a healthy and happy life.
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