According to a report by Ariel Helwani of, Paul Heyman has officially signed with EA Sports MMA to help promote the new “EA Sports MMA” video game that hits stores on October 19. This is something we reported on yesterday.

Heyman added in regards to the promos:

“Not since the original Nike commercials with Michael Jordan and all the guys in the beginning has there been such a personality-centric campaign, and that’s what I would like to do. I think more so than other people, that’s what we can tap into here. Real personality-centric pieces and go after the guys. There’s a real market out there for guys. People have become too soft in their campaigns because they took their eye off the ball.”

You can see a clip of Heyman’s promo with Strikeforce fighter Nick Diaz below.

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Paul Heyman Done With Pro Wrestling, Signs Deal With EA Sports MMA