Dutch Mantell blogs more on WWF tour

The World According to Dutch

Dirty Dutch has released another great read on his blog which is the 2nd part of a two part series. If you’ve been following the Dutchman’s blog, you know he writes detailed accounts of what he has done and seen in his years behind the scenes in professional wrestling.

This new blog concerns a WWF European tour in the mid 90’s to Germany immediately following WrestleMania 12 in Anaheim, California with a crew that included the Kliq, a young Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, XPac, Triple H (before he was Triple H), Bradshaw, Sunni and Candido, Jake the Snake, Al Snow, Kane (before he was Kane), Earl Hebner, and others. It’s a fascinating look on what goes on during an overseas wrestling tour where the members of the group are around each other 16 hours a day thereby inviting trouble. The blog also looks at some of the historical things the WWF guys see and do on foreign tours such as Germany was. Some of the highlights included..

Working in the same building in Berlin that Hitler gave the Final Solution Speech in 1939…

Working in the OlympiaHalle Arena in Munich which was two blocks away from the Olympic Village where the Israeli athletes were murdered during the 1972 Summer Olympic Games and actully seeing where it happened.

Seeing ‘real state run’ brothels in the Red Light District of Hamburg, German.

Traveling on a tour bus on the Autobahn(which has no speed limit) from the south of Germany to the north with Lamborghini’s and BMW’s passing us doing 120 mph…and seeing some of the most famous castles in the world from the highway

Passing through where the world famous BERLIN WALL once stood that separarted East and West Berlin.

But midway through the tour, a young member of the tour had to leave early…due to a serious ‘rib’ that was played that, today, would have gotten people fired. Find out which young member of the tour left and the reasons behind it. Its a great look about a slice of the wrestling tour business that most fans never see or even hear about.

Another fascinating read and highly recommended. Check it out at: http://www.dutchmantell.com

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