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Here is a complete list of Kayfabe Commentaries streaming on demand releases available exclusively on Hybrident.tv

Kayfabe Commentaries: Missy Hyatt’s Pajama Party
Another NEW RELEASE from Kayfabe Commentaries and this one is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!!! Missy Hyatt’s Pajama Party…It is all FUN and GAMES when the women of prowrestling join host, Missy Hyatt, on her bed. Lacey Von Erich and Amy Lee drop by for prank calls and play Truth or Dare, 20 Questions, and Kill, Marry, …F@#$! It is an interview show like never seen before.

Kayfabe Commentaries: Guest Booker with RAVEN…
It is June 1996, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash leave the WWE and prepare to head to the competition. But in our world here, they land NOT in WCW, but rather ECW. And what if total creative control of their angles were given to the ECW Champion of the moment? Witness Raven write wrestling history…literally!

Kayfabe Commentaries Collection – Kevin Sullivan & The End of WCW
This spellbinding stream takes you inside the last months of the legendary WCW with the man who was given the steering wheel to the out-of-control company. You’ll hear about all the booking decisions, you’ll go inside the meetings, and you’ll go week-by-week with Sullivan as he tries to breathe life into the fading megapower. You will get a never before seen look inside Turner and Time Warner’s power structure and how it crumbled the federation. You’ll expereicne the endless barricades thrown up by talent and executives alike, and the determination of this head booker who refused to be a ‘fall guy.’

Kayfabe Commentaries Collection – YouShoot with New Jack
Well, I guess it’s out fault. We said “ask anyhting.” New Jack is in the vaunted YouShoot hotseat and he’s having a blast! No, wait…he is pissed! No, he’s happy again…ugh! Live the highs and lows with us as we bring you another uncensored, unscripted, unapologetic exploitation of the very cocnept of the shoot-style interview. We hand the interview over to you in YouShoot and the show is yours! Also, there’s an awesome bonus feature where New Jack, Mustafa, and Jim Cornetter meet and talk out their Smokey Mountain issues. It was unplanned and unexpected, but it happens before our cameras.

Kayfabe Commentaries Collection – My Side of the Story: Magnum & Nikita
The Best of Seven series re-examined like never before! Magnum TA and Nikita Koloff sit down and bare their souls separately, answering the exact same questions before being put together to discuss the feud. From Crockett, to McMahon, to Dusty, to each other…these two warriros climb back into the virtual ring to relive a battle of international importance. This is the definitive word on one of wrestling’s great feuds.

Kayfabe Commentaries Collection – YouShoot With The Sandman
Sandman takes the YouShoot pledge and ducks no questions in theis 2 hour and 20 minute edition of the widlest shoot-style series ever…YouShoot! Sit back, crack open a cold one, and see Hak answer the questions sent by YOU.

Kayfabe Commentaries Collection – Guest Booker with Greg Gagne
\Gagne, Crockett, Watts, Jarrett, Barnett. The biggest names behind the scenes in pro wrestling sat in a room in 1984 with one mission…beat Vince.
Months of talent raids and interceptions of TV agreements stripped the territories of their power, and it was time to fight back. But egos, skulldruggery and divided interests destroyed the final attempt at preserving the system. Now our Guest Booker, Greg Gagne, details the secret meetings, the interactions, and the fiasco that was Pro Wrestling USA. Through the magic of Guest Booker, we travel back and take another shot at consolidating the world wrestling.

Kayfabe Commentaries Collection – Ringside with Vader
Go back in time with Leon White and relive the birth of the Vader character, the creation of his entrance gear, and ultimately, his biggest matches. Leon sits down and watches the matches play before his eyes, as he relives every moment with you. Now, the shoot-style interview focuses on the individual matches and moments that made legends what they were. Now you can examine the most poignant and profound in-ring moments with Leon “Baby Bull” White, Big Van Vader, Vader…whoever he was at time! Join Leon White…at Ringside!

Kayfabe Commentaries Collection – You Shoot with Sabu
The silence has been broken! Sabu opens up in a big way by answering your questions. Sabu handles every question and comment and lets you inside his world.
Chapters include: Heat and Controversy; The Sheik; Sex and Drugs; Hardcore; WWE and WCW; and more!

Kayfabe Commentaries Collection – Timeline of WWE 2000 by Rikishi (The History)
The new millenium is upon us and the WWE machine is cranking out product as fast and furiously as ever. The federation is loaded with big names and big ideas…like WWE Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas…well besides that one! Rikishi was working near the top of the card for the better part of the year, winning the IC title in 2000. And now he walks you through the entire year, month by month. Hear about Rock, Triple H, Stephanie, Linda, Vinnie Mac, and the whole gang as Timeline tackles Y2K!

Kayfabe Commentaries Collection – Gabe’s Book of ROH Secrets
Join Gabe as he takes us back to his days working for ROH and describes his recipes for success, as well as his missteps that may have led to his firing. Gabe then shows you week-by-week what was written for the shows following his dismissal, as well as for 2009. See what Gabe had in store for ROH fans.