10/24 Lucha Libre USA Resutls: Amarillo, Texas

Rocky Jimenez sent this report in:


Before the action started, RJ Brewer came out and started slandering the crowd, saying he would bring out his personal security to make sure they had the right papers. Rocky Romero came out and and said that he can’t stand RJ’s ignorance and will shut him up tonight. Marco Corleone then came out, stating he has heard what has been going down, and wants to make it a triple threat match. They both agree, but before leaving the ring, RJ blind-sides Romero. Marco comes back in to make the save, causing RJ to run away with his tail between his legs.

MATCH 1: Pequeno Halloween & El Torerito VS Charly Malice & Octogoncito
If you have ever caught a Charly Malice/Manson match on AAA, you know when to expect a botch. They were there, but it was still a great match. The finish saw Malice hit a very unique El Pozo on Halloween for instant submission!
WINNERS: Charly Malice & Octogoncito

MATCH 2: Magno VS Mascarita Dorada
The funny thing about this one is that these two were hanging out together the night before on the local CBS station’s news to promote the show. Magno got ALOT of heat for picking on the little guy, but Dorada got some awesome spots in throughout the match. Finish saw a weird Death Valley Driver by Magno for the win!

MATCH 3: El Oriental VS Super Nova
Oriental is probably my favorite rudo in the promotion, and had just an awesome match! So awesome, I couldn’t catch the win. But, if I’m correct, Oriental hit a sneaky kick to Nova’s baby makers into a Huracarrana.
WINNER: El Oriental

Before intermission, Mini Park and Azteco came out to hold a dance-off. They grabbed some random fans, and separated them into two different teams: Team Azteco and Team Mini Park. Team Azteco was very random and uncoordinated, while Team Mini Park did the generic Parka dance. While the winners were Team Mini Park, all the fans in ring got VIP packages for after the show.

MATCH 4: Chi Chi & Tigresa Caliente VS Mini Park & Cassandro
Very comedy filled, but very great match! At one point, referee Cody Jones ended up getting a kiss from Cassandro, which he sold perfectly. I’m not to sure what the finish was in this one either, sorry guys. At least I remember who won though.
WINNERS: Mini Park & Cassandro

MATCH 5: Tinieblas JR. VS Lizmark JR.
If I had realized there would be a spanish promo before this match, I would have freshened up on my spanish. Well, then again, it is lucha libre. The two big guys went at it non-stop, and I still have a hard time believing these guys are NOT on one of the big shows. At one point, Oriental came out and tried to cost Lizmark the match, but was no good. Finish saw Tinieblas go for a cross body, but Lizmark rolled through it into a pin, using the ropes for leverage.
WINNER: Lizmark JR.

MAIN EVENT: RJ Brewer VS Rocky Romero VS Marco Corleone
Very great to see Marco in his prime, plus I have never seen Rocky Romero in action, and I was very surprised at Brewer’s excellence in the ring. This was a very great match with some awesome action! The finish saw Romero get tripped up and RJ covered him, using the ropes for leverage.

After the match, Brewer continued to run his mouth about how great he is. Marco got on the mic and said RJ may have beat Romero, but RJ didn’t beat him, an challenged him to a hair vs hair match. Although the two got in the ring, and Marco got counted the three, I believe it was Rocky who counted the pin. Afterwards, all three ran to the back, ending the show.