– From Dave Lagana: Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Ep 14 w/ Jimmy Jacobs

This weeks episode is by far the most revealing episode of The Art of Wrestling in terms of drug use in pro wrestling

Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast – Jimmy Jacobs – Episode 14

The Art Of Wrestling Podcast is a peek into the lives of pro wrestlers masterfully hosted by one of their contemporaries, Colt Cabana. Unlike a standard question and answer interview, Cabana chats up his friends to give these podcasts a unique feel.

Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana has Episode #14 with Jimmy Jacobs is available NOW for FREE at http://www.WeLoveColt.com and Itunes.

Subjects covered include:
– Colt talks about drug use in pro wrestling
– Jimmy Jacobs has watched his friends in wrestling pass him by
– Jimmy talks about becoming a drug addict
– The scariest drug situation he found himself into
– Starting a fued with Moxley in DGUSA
– Having an internet presence
– Jimmy & Colt’s embarrassing indy moments
– Jimmy & Colt both wrestle Eddie Guerrero
– How some people treat others in the lockeroom
– Jimmy hates England
– And Much Much Much More…..

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– From Josie:

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