Audio: “Friday Fishbowl” for October 29, 2010

The latest edition of the “Friday Fishbowl” for Friday, October 29, 2010 is now archived and airing exclusively on the Wrestleview Radio Network with host Adam Martin (Editor in Chief of and special guest “Mr. V” Anthony Valvo.

Questions answered on this week’s “Halloween edition” of the Friday Fishbowl:

Question #1: (Submitted by Aaron)
With just a little over a year since the Wrestleview Radio Network started, have you been surprised by the level of success you have achieved?

Question #2: (Submitted by Darragh O’Connor)
Even though belts are props, do you still get excited by title matches on PPV’s?

Question #3: (Submitted by KenCo12)
I could just be a total mark, but here is basically my issue I’m having. TNA had 4 house shows in Michigan, and put on nearly the exact same show (including segways). Is this common for a company to do this, and not mix up the talent in the least bit?

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