From Jeff Sheridan:

“Hillbilly Jim’s Beef & Turkey Jerky” products

On this weeks edition of Hillbilly Jim’s Moonshine Matinee Sirius XM show, he mentions that he’s got a new product called “Hillbilly Jim’s Beef & Turkey Jerky”. He says it’s new & made here in America & says it’s got lots of flavors that’s made from premium cuts of meat. He says it’s cooked at a smoke house to his old fashioned perfection, says he’ll wet your whistle by mentioning the flavors that it’s got & says the following:

1. The Original Mountain Recipe

2. Teriyaki

3. Thunder Road Whiskey With Honey & says it’s got Jack Daniels whiskey in it

4. Back Home Garlic

5. a special “Hab-Ba-Que” that’ll curl the toe nails on your bad toes

6. Grandpa’s Corn Squeezing’s Kentucky
Burbon & Honey

Hillbilly says if that ain’t outlaw he don’t
know what is, then says for more info on this to call 877-451-4017.

the guy’s name is Jim Fisher & from what he told me, that each flavor bag is $6.00 + $5.00 priority shipping [total $11.00] & they only accept credit cards.