Legendary Wrestling Promoter Jim Crockett Jr. in “Grave Condition”

Jim Crockett Jr. said to be in “Grave Condition”

Legendary wrestling promoter Jim Crockett Jr. is said to be in “grave condition” as both his liver and kidneys are failing.

There is no additional information Nothing else regarding the Crockett’s condition at this time.

Jim Crocket Jr. and his father founded Jim Crockett Promotions.  Jim Crockett Jr. took over the promotion in 1977 following his father’s death in 1973. He became the President of the National Wrestling Alliance in 1980, the first of three terms he served in over the 11 years.

During his second term, Crockett purchased the Saturday night time slot Vince McMahon had on then the Ted Turner owned Superstation WTBS out of Atlanta, GA.

Following the purchase of the Saturday night time slot on WTBS, Jim Crockett Promotions owned six territories under the NWA.

After financial constraints, Jim Crockett sold his promotion in 1988 to Ted Turner who renamed the organization World Championship Wrestling.

Source: F4WOnline