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Over 4,800 votes were cast in the latest poll. The results are as follows.

Which former WCW star(s) would you most like to see inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Bill Goldberg 15% (700 votes)
Booker T/Harlem Heat 9% (444 votes)
Four Horsemen 17% (805 votes)
Lex Luger 4% (199 votes)
Missy Hyatt 2% (91 votes)
Steiner Brothers 8% (379 votes)
Sting 37% (1,785 votes)
Vader 7% (327 votes)
Other 2% (89 votes)

Total votes casted: 4,819

With Wrestlemania going to Atlanta, GA next year, speculation is alive as to what WCW star or stars WWE will choose to induct in WCW’s old stomping ground. The Other category came in with two percent of the votes. Comments left by voters advocated for Diamond Dallas Page and Road Warriors, among others. Just a few votes ahead of the category was Missy Hyatt. Missy spent time in WCW in the late-80s and early-90s. She remains one of the most memorable women to work for WCW.

The next place up in voting was Lex Luger with four percent of the votes. Luger at one time was hailed as the next Hulk Hogan. While he never achieved status he rose up alongside Sting as one of the franchise players in WCW. He helped fire the first shot in the Monday Night Wars when he defected to WCW on Nirto’s debut and led the charge against the NWO as WCW’s top baby face while the Sting-Hogan program slowly played out.

Seven percent of the voters chose Vader as the man they wanted to see inducted. While Vader spent a few years in WWE, his claim to fame in the States was his time atop the WCW roster as a legitimate monster. He dominated the wrestling world in 1993 before dropping the championship to Ric Flair. He hit a tough spot in 1994 when Hulk Hogan signed with WCW and changed the landscape of the organization. The kind of heel Vader was did not fit the mold of Hogan’s monster enemies. After Hogan dominated him in a series of matches, Vader eventually left and joined WWE. Still, his time in WCW was a bright spot for many. His match with Ric Flair at the 1993 Starrcade is still admired by many fans.

The Steiner Brothers have often been called the greatest tag team in the history of the business. They were successful all over the world in all organizations during the 1990s, but WCW seemed like their home. Their tenure in WCW eventually led to their breakup, with Scott going on to become WCW Champion. As singles wrestlers they were good, but as a tag team they were unforgettable.

Right above Rick and Scott with nine percent of the votes was Booker T/ Harlem Heat. The Harlem Heat tag team was a mainstay in WCW’s tag team division for nearly five years before Booker T hit the solo scene with an incredible series with Chris Benoit. WCW was often criticized for its lack of upward mobility but Booker T was one of the few who made it all way. When WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon, Booker helped lead the charge in the WCW’s invasion of WWE as the WCW Champion.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H had less than flattering things to say this week about Bill Goldberg’s place in the HOF. The bottom line: Triple H and Shawn Michaels don’t belie that Goldberg is necessarily deserving of an HOF spot, but seven hundred voters on Wrestleview felt Goldberg deserved it more than any other WCW star. Goldberg’s winning streak won the crowd’s favor in late-1997 and 1998. In July of ’98 Goldberg demolished Hulk Hogan for the WCW Championship. While WWE had Steve Austin fighting his boss and his cronies, Goldberg was in WCW destroying anything in his path.

Stables come and go in wrestling but one of the favorites of wrestling fans has always been the Four Horsemen. Though they went through several incarnations, the Horsemen always had Ric Flair at the helm. This poses a problem if WWE should decide to induct the Horsemen since Flair is currently working for TNA. One alternative would be to have Arn Anderson accept the induction, but that may not sit to well with Horsemen fans.

Coming away with more votes than anyone else at 1,785 votes total was Sting. There is no other name more synonymous with the WCW name than Sting. He was their franchise player and never left for WWE. Today, he remains one of the biggest stars to have never worked for Vince McMahon. Many fans are hopeful that he will be a free agent come Wrestlemania time so that WWE can bring him in for an induction, perhaps even an angle. Aside from the desire of fans to see him work with WWE, many feel that he deserves the HOF spot more than anyone else from WCW’s past.

Thanks to all those who voted and be sure to check out the newest poll on the Wrestleview homepage asking who John Cena’s opponent should be for Wrestlemania.

Matt O’Brien