from Big Daddy Donnie:

Kevin Nash joined hosts of Tha O Show Big Daddy Donnie & Dan-e-o for a candid 35 minute interview last night. Also in studio was one of Nash’s good friends, Mexican wrestling star – Rico Montana.

On comments he made about The Miz on twitter: “The other night I said something about Miz (on Twitter) – I don’t even know the guy. Don’t really have an opinion on him, I just wanted to see riled i could get people. People just get furious”.

On The Miz being good for business as champ: “I think what happened is that the company went PG. When you don’t fall into that demographic – well, my son is 14 and he doesn’t have a problem with it”.

On Heyman’s comments that he would have fired everyone over 40 if he was given control in TNA: “Am I the only one who watched Gran Torino and completely believed that Clint Eastwood could do what he did in that novie aat 80 years old. It’s about the character, the human being. You could be 80 and be a wuss, but you were probably a wuss when you were 22. You’re not going to become a badass at 80, but if you were Dirty Harry chances are you’re still going to pull it off when you’re 80. I’m 51 years old and I don’t have anybody coming up and pushing on me”.

He also discusses TNA’s chances at ever challenging the WWE, judging a good worker, helping to change the industry by forcing the WWE to start offering guaranteed contracts, the origins of the name “Big Sexy” and so much more.

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