Interview: Ms. Carrington on ‘The Cruiserweight’

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Details on latest interview with ‘Cruiserweight’ wrestling novel author

A new interview with ‘The Cruiserweight’ author was released December 5.

Ms. Carrington shared some insights, including:

*The writing process of ‘The Cruiserweight’
*Details on an upcoming virtual and personal appearance tour in
early 2010
*Inspiration for writing her novel
*Favorite genres to read and write
*Her likes and dislikes about writing
*Other upcoming projects

The complete interview can be read here:

‘The Cruiserweight’ is also available in ebook format on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Amazon UK and Smashwords. Word from Ms. Carrington’s publisher is that the paperback version of ‘The Cruiserweight’ is set to be on the market “very soon,” indicating sometime this month.