Slam Wrestling is featuring an interview with Dusty Rhodes discussing the recent passing of King Curtis Iaukea.

“I loved him. I loved spending time around his family, being in Hawaii and sitting on the beach with him. Every time I go to Japan, I come back and I’d bring a Walkman, they were big. Every time he ended up taking my Walkman, he got a new Walkman. I bought it for myself, and he would take it somehow. It just became a rib between me and him.

He was the real deal. As a young lad, I was awed by him. I loved to hear him talk. And the thing that I remember most of all about him is he lit the room up. When I walked into a room, no matter how bad I was, and he opened his mouth, he brought joy and laughter and smiles to my heart and face at a time when the industry was a lot different. I hope he rests in peace.”

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Rhodes on King Curtis: ‘I would mark out watching him’