TMZ passed this along:

Gun Threat in Hulk Hogan Wedding Brawl

The photographer who crashed Hulk Hogan’s wedding screamed, “I’m packing a gun” during the brawl with a security guard … TMZ has learned.

According to a source at the wedding … security guard and family friend Ron Howard (not that one) approached the photographer and asked him to leave.

Sources say Howard told cops the photog — Robert Martinez — put his forearm on Howard’s throat — and then yelled, “I’m packing a gun.” That’s when the fight really started … and someone at the wedding called cops. Clearwater PD confirms a gun was mentioned during the altercation.

And there’s this … we’re told Martinez’s video camera was rolling during the fight — and cops watched his tape when they arrived.

As TMZ first reported, no one was arrested … however, we’re told cops want to talk to Howard one more time about the incident.