Big Daddy Donnie sent this in:

Former WWE Superstar, Tiger Ali Singh joined Tha O Show this week for their 198th episode. Big Daddy Donnie & Dan-e-o had an in-depth conversation with Tiger about many things, really having nothing to do with wrestling. These days, Tiger is a successful land developer and noted philanthropist.

Tiger is promoting “Troy’s Toy Drive” named after Troy Newton (a local celebrity in Milton, Ontario). Mr. Newton runs a series of eateries that operate under the banner “Troy’s Diner”. Last Christmas the Singh family and Troy Newton raised over $30,000 and donated plenty of toys to less fortunate kids. This past June, this same group got together again to run “Tiger Fest” which raised almost $40,000 for the Milton Hospital.

Tiger and his family are working on donating their incredible mansion to the town of Milton Ontario so it may be converted to a retirement center. Tiger confirmed this fact, but stated that there has been a hiccup, and the town is unable to carry the monthly expense of such a massive property. The family is still planning to convert the home and donate the space to charity while handling the costs themselves.

He talks about how when he attends the Toy Drive he wears a Santa Suit with a red turban. He says when people ask about it, he says “It’s East meets West. And it breaks down stereotypes”.
He continued by addressing all of the political correctness around the Holiday Season. “When I was in school we called it a Christmas Concert… not a holiday concert. We have two Christmas trees in our house. We love Christmas! Everyone needs to relax, be grateful about what we have, and just keep the peace”.

At the end of the interview, Donnie laughed about how it was Tiger and his father Tiger Jeet Singh that got him backstage at Survivor Series 1997 when all media credentials had been cut off that day. Donnie asked Tiger why all media access was cut off that day? When Tiger laughed hysterically, Donnie responded that everybody knew what was going to happen that day, and that’s why everybody was acting so weird, hours before the show even started.

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