The Hollywood Reporter is featuring an article with former TNA personality Bubba the Love Sponge discussing his decision to leave Sirius XM satellite radio. The article notes that Bubba, who had the No. 2 show on the network, was earning $1 million annually at Sirius XM and was told his earnings would be cut by 80% starting at $200,000 at the beginning of the year.

“They’ve asked everybody to take a pay cut. With me, it was a take it or leave it offer. We decided to leave it. They paid an exorbitant amount for Hollywood people like Jamie Foxx with no f*cking radio talent, so radio people like me have suffered. A lot of good radio people aren’t getting an opportunity because of these Hollywood people. Eminem doesn’t even have to show up and they pay him zillions of dollars. Where does Bubba the Love Sponge sign up for that! I don’t have any business on a movie set, and actors don’t have any business behind a radio mike. You Hollywood f*ckers stay out of radio, and we’ll stay out of Hollywood.”

Full article:
Sirius XM Slashing Salaries of Top Talent, Says Anchor of Howard Stern Channel