from Evan Ginzburg:


New York, NY – 1/5/11 – It is with a heavy heart that I’ve been asked to announce the death of my longtime friend Gordon Scozzari who died today at the age of 40. Gordon had been suffering for many years with kidney related problems, ultimately losing both, and had been on dialysis besides other health issues past and present. The former AWF promoter was involved with the wrestling business in a variety of capacities including promoting and booking in NY, NJ, Puerto Rico and England.

On a personal note, I’d like to say that in my entire life I’ve never seen a person fight so long and valiantly against illness. In one recent year he’d been hospitalized over 20 times, often for weeks and even months at a time where we thought he wouldn’t make it. A mutual friend said simply, “That Gordon’s a tough kid.”

And he was.

His closest friend in Mike Henry requested I add this. “He was a good friend. I’ll miss him and at least he won’t be in pain anymore. The way he was living was no way for a person to be living. He was a really good guy and would give you the shirt off his back. We helped each other a million times. And he always repaid me to the penny, even when it was a financial struggle for him to do so.  I’ll miss the 5 phone calls a day.”

R.I.P. to an honorable man in a business not always known for that.

Today an old friend died too young

I will devote part of our 1/12/11 7:30-9:30PM Legends Radio to the memory of Gordon Scozzari.

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