Big Daddy Donnie sent this recap in:

Tha O Show ran its 201st episode today and the 1st from the brand “SICK-O ZONE” sound studio!

Big Daddy Donnie & Dan-e-o were joined by the entire in studio cast (Fatty Frank, Junglist Jewells & Voodoo Drew) and joined on the phone by Steve Corino.

Here are a few highlights from this 32 minute interview:

On Steve Lombardi being called “the king of old school” on Old School Raw: I was flippin channels and I see Downtown Bruno say “THE KING OF OLD SCHOOL” and I said “What the flying F–K was that?” Corino also mentioned an apology came a couple days later from John Laurinaitis and from Bruno (Harvey Whippleman). Laurinaitis told Corino he didn’t even know he was The King Of Old School.

On his ROH Status: He wishes he was a regular part of the roster, but the reality is you have to rotate. Creatively, Corino admitted to being “kind of lost” without Kevin Steen after the hot run they had last year.

On rumors of an upcoming program with Homicide: People have speculated on a program him and homicide, Corino’s response, “I can guarantee you no. No. Never again. That ship has sailed. The last one sucked. Oh my god, don’t put us in there again.” When asked if there was still heat between himself and homicide, Corino said “i don’t know. I don’t talk to him… but you know who does talk to him and pissed me off? My kid! My kid (14 year old Colby) loves him! I think my kid might be on drugs”.

On being a babyface in 2011: Steve said he’d rather give birth than be a babyface. With shorter matches and a faster pace its much harder for the babyface to draw sympathy from the crowd, and they really need some high impact moves in their comeback to get over… which he humbly says he doesn’t have.

On Brutus Beefcake: Corino also started goofing on Brutus Beefcake (who along with Corino is a member of the roster for CWI Wrestling in Canada).

When talking about one of Corino’s seminars on etiquette he said “maybe Beefcake can go to that”. He continued on saying “What would have happened if Hogan didn’t make it out of back surgery? There would be no heat for Brutus Beefcake!” …. “I a Brutus Beefcake by the way. His name is Rob Dimension. I pick on that kid everyday. He has to clean up my shit. I can’t wait for him to listen to that. If you follow me on twitter, I bang on this guy everyday. Imagine Valentine had to tag with that guy for years… no wonder Valentine’s always so grumpy!”

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