It’s time once again for another edition of’s controversial audio show hosted by one of the most controversial stars in wrestling. Former Horseman Paul Roma returns to join James Guttman for a 55 minute edition of “Glorious” that talks about everything including tons of backstage stories about stars like Sting, Buff Bagwell, and many more. For a full list of topics from Roma’s latest show, head to:

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The big story of the week involves Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorff. A long time friend and tag team partner of Paul Roma in WCW, Orndorff has also appeared on the site for an interview in the past. Recently, though, in a Sirius Radio interview, Mr. Wonderful revealed that he had just been diagnosed with cancer. James Guttman told Roma about the news just before the show and the former Pretty Wonderful member spoke from the heart.

“Not good. I’m gonna give him a call as soon as I can and see what’s going on. Not a good thing. Not a good thing for anybody, but definitely not him. Healthy guy. Great physique his whole life. Super nice person. And it’s very unfortunate. I just know he’ll pull through. He’s just that guy. He’s a strong man.”

Guttman points out that many guests are people he watched growing up. Sometimes, they can be personal letdowns when he speaks to them for the first time, but Orndorff wasn’t. If anything, the stories from backstage about Paul go hand in hand with his personality. He’s a stand up guy in a business that doesn’t have many. Roma agrees.

“No. There’re maybe less than a handful. He’s definitely stand-up. Great guy. Has a great family. Again, what can I say? I pray for him and wish him all the best. And if I can be of any help to him, I most certainly would be.”

Roma goes on to tell many stories about Orndorff and the advice that he gave throughout their friendship in WWF and then into WCW. But when the talk switches to WWE’s recent blizzard-soaked MSG house show that left fans stranded, James and Roma take opposing views. Guttman feels that fans who travelled to Madison Square Garden in a snowstorm should accept that they’re going to get stuck. While Paul sees that view, he feels that it’s the wrestlers themselves who should be kept from situations like that. In making his point, he reveals why the infamous Power and Glory vs. Legion of Doom match at WrestleMania VII was so short. It wasn’t supposed to be, but an injury changed everything. And, as he explains to members, there wasn’t much of a choice.

“I blew my elbow out. I was in L.A. the next day for the Mania. Hercules was hurt. He could hardly walk. He retore his groin. When I got back from the hospital, Vince was in a meeting. I walked in, he stopped the meeting. My arm was in a sling. He walked out and said, “What’s up?” I said, “They say if I wrestle and hit my elbow, I could lose my arm.” He starts with, “Oh Jesus Christ, Paul. You know you gotta do this.” I said, “But Vince, who’s going to take care of my family?” He said, “Oh. I’ve got you covered. Don’t worry about.” And I ended up going out there. I put a skater’s elbow pad on and wrapped it up. When I took that bump off the top of Animal’s shoulders, I tried to protect myself best I could that I wouldn’t hit it. Made it through. I think they took 60 cc’s of fluid out of my elbow as soon as I got out of the ring. Doctor said it was the most fluid he’s ever taken out of an elbow in his life. Never seen anything like it. There it was. I had a choice and I knew that if I did back out, I’d be done. No doubt in my mind I’d be done. Was I stupid? Yes. Would he have taken care of me and my family? Probably not. But it’s the choice you make. If I had gone out there and lost (my arm), then I’m the fool. Even if he took care of my family, I’m still down an arm.”

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