The latest edition of “Wrestleview Radio” for Monday, January 10, 2011 is now archived and airing on the Wrestleview Radio Network with hosts Adam Martin, Hunter Golden and Doug Lackey.

Topics discussed on the show:

* Adam and Hunter review the 1/11 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw.
* Doug misses the show due to a massive hangover…and oh yeah, some now is coming his way.
* Discussion on the “initiation” portion of Raw involving CM Punk and the rest of Nexus.
* Hunter explains why they could have accomplished Cena vs. Punk without using the Nexus.
* The use of Alberto Del Rio on Raw for the second week in a row and possible Rumble plans.
* Witnessing John Morrison vs. Sheamus for what seemed to be the 100th time on Monday night.
* Why having Morrison as an opponent has to be one of the most challenging things in wrestling.
* Trying to figure out why the internet crowd worships Morrison and why that seems to be.
* Looking at the career of Shawn Michaels realistically after the Hall of Fame announcement.
* Thoughts on the main event including Hunter continuing to be annoyed by Randy Orton as a “viper.”
* Discussion on why Wrestleview was slammed with upset emails from readers about Matt Hardy.
* Why a certain perception still remains among those who follow the pro wrestling media.
* Reading emails sent to on Wrestleview, heels/faces in the WWE.
* That and much more on this subscriber only weekly Monday audio show!

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