Honky Tonk Man, 57, still loves what he does.

– TNA currently has a promotion with Tom’s Snacks with Rob Van Dam, The Pope, AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson and Velvet Sky pictured on bags of chips.

– WWE announced the release of it’s new All Stars video game for 3/29 which is the week before Wrestlemania. The are doing a deal at KMart where you get $10 off the game if you spend $30 on WWE merchandise. The game will feature over the top arcade-style gameplay with past and present wrestlers as playable characters, as well as commentary from Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

– Received via e-mail: New video with X PAC talking about DX Reunion, Kaval, and more

Pro Wrestling Syndicate cameras caught up with former WWE superstar X Pac.

(Warning: Strong language)

And hear what X Pac has to say about the upcoming DX Reunion on Sat March 5 in Long Island, NY as well as his thoughts on the Low Ki vs Davey Richards match going on that night as well as part of PWS’ Spring Break Showdown.


(information from the Wrestling Globe Newsletter was used in this report)