On Thursday night, we noted in a report that former WWE star Sean Morley (aka Val Venis) went off on Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Shane Helms in a new video distributed on his Facebook and Twitter.

Matt Hardy has issued a new rebuttal video claiming that Morley is a phony and was simply saying these things to begin an “angle” to build heat (where this would culminate is anyone’s guess).

Note from Adam Martin:
I’d like to add that I was hesitant to even run Morley’s video in the first place and have zero interest in getting our website involved as the distribution source for back-and-forth 24/7 cable news-like commentary. Since we ran the first video by Morley, we feel obligated to run this video by Hardy and don’t have much of an interest in continuing. This is not an “attack” on Morley or Hardy. We are just simply stating that from this point forward, we are no longer interested in broadcasting “he said, she said” commentaries – especially if it is done purely for the benefit of other individuals.