Audio: “Wrestleview Radio” for January 17, 2011

The latest edition of “Wrestleview Radio” for Monday, January 17, 2011 is now archived and airing on the Wrestleview Radio Network with hosts Adam Martin, Hunter Golden and Doug Lackey.

Topics discussed on the show:

* Adam, Hunter and Doug review the 1/17 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw.
* Hunter on why storylines in WWE are starting to run into each other after the last two weeks.
* More discussion on if the continuing of a “new” Nexus on Raw was really worth it for TV purposes.
* Why Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison is a perfect example highlighting the flaws of Morrison.
* Thoughts on the continuing improvement of the Dolph Ziggler character in recent months.
* Hunter goes on yet another tirade about how annoying Randy Orton has been in the ring lately.
* If WWE gave away too much allowing Cena and Punk to go as long as they did in the main event.
* We ask if WWE adding 10 more people to the Royal Rumble is really that big of a deal for everyone.
* Reading emails sent to on Billy Gunn, gimmicks people love to hate.
* Plus, Hunter gives a preview of a new “Top 100” list we intend to breakdown every Thursday!
* That and much more on this subscriber only weekly Monday audio show!

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