Arda Ocal sent this in:

Oscar from Men on a Mission was live on Right After Wrestling with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas. Highlights:

– Talking about why he decided to pull away from the spotlight after parting ways with the WWE, and why he decided to break his silence now

– How he got into the WWE in the first place – he was performing in Vegas around the same time as WrestleMania 9. He saw Vince McMahon and Randy Savage at Caesar’s Palace, and instead of going to them to say hello, he decided to walk up to them and break out in a freestyle rap. Vince was so impressed that he told Oscar to call him. Soon after, he signed him to a 3 year deal.

– Remembering the “Men on a Mission” days:
“When Men on a Mission came out, it was a party. From the time we came out to the time we left. Rednecks, Ku Klux Klan members, people who liked rap, don’t like rap, black, white, hip hop fans, non hip hop fans whatever, had their damn hands in the air and were waving them around like they just didn’t care.”

– How Men on a Mission influenced pro wrestling:
“After Men on a Mission were long over, you had groups like Public Enemy. Today, you’ve got R-Truth, you’ve got John Cena. Every other wrestler is coming out to rap music and hip hop. R-Truth coming out like a young version of me coming out with the “What’s Up”. A lot of people copied what we did and if it was so bad why do people do that? Men on a Mission is a blue print for a lot of entrances that are done today.”

– Oscar’s thoughts on the state of pro wrestling today:
“A lot of these people are great to look at today, but none of these guys are legends. None of these guys are stars. Randy Orton is a star. John Cena is a star. The Nexus…not stars. They’re just undercard people who to me are really overrated. They’re a bunch of job guys who are just getting a gigantic push. The Nexus gimmick is just not realistic. You’ve got people like the Undertaker who can go into a royal rumble match with a bunch of the top people in the industry and clear the ring. So how is it that the Nexus can go in there and beat him down?”

– He also delivers a “Right After Wrestling” freestyle rap!


With Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas