Ratings courtesy of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

WWE Smackdown: The 1/14 show drew a 1.92 cable rating with 2.98 million viewers. It ended up breaking the previous week’s record for total viewers.

TNA Impact: The 1/13 show drew a 1.3 cable rating (rounded up from a 1.25) with 1.73 million viewers. It was one of their highest ratings since October when the 10/7 show did a 1.33 and the 10/14 show did a 1.4. The show did a 0.80 among males 18-34 and 1.40 among males 35-49, so they are continuing to draw strong demographics despite quarter hours showing a steep decline in viewership as the show goes along.

WWE Superstars: The 1/13 show drew a 0.58 cable rating with 606,000 viewers. The replay did a 0.2 rating with 189,000 viewers.

WWE Monday Night Raw: The 1/10 show drew a 3.1 cable rating (rounded up from a 3.07) with 4.6 million viewers. It was considered a solid number going up against the most watched show in the history of cable (BCS Championship). The show did a 2.55 among males 18-49. 67% of the audience was male.