Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald is featuring an interview with former WCW, WWE and TNA star Sean Waltman where he discusses in detail about trying to commit suicide.

“I was in Mexico for three years. When I was there, things got really bad. I got in a heated argument that turned into physicality with my girlfriend [Alicia Webb]. I ended up striking her back. I always told myself that I would die before I would hit a woman. So when I did that, I was overcome with guilt and shame. I had no tools to handle it. The only thing I could think of was take a whole bottle of Valium or what was left of the bottle. It was probably around 400 milligrams of Valium. I hung myself from the roof of my apartment. It was the darkest moment of my life, or one of them, to get me to do that. It was a lot of build up that I didn’t know how to deal with.”

Full interview:
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