Bruce Hart pulls no punches in tell-all bio


Bruce Hart pulls no punches in candid new memoir.

January 24, 2011. In his new autobiography, Straight from the Hart (ECW Press. March 2011) professional wrestler Bruce Hart reveals his personal take on the wrestling business and his family’s place in it – two subjects that he claims have never been thoroughly covered by other books. Hart writes in the foreword of his new memoir, “A number of books (have been) written about the Hart family. The bio of my dad by Marsha Erb was nice – although Stu, true to his old-school roots – didn’t divulge much about the inner working of the business . . . the ones written by my other family members seemed to me to have been penned either to get back at others, or to gratify their egos.” Hart has long been respected by the wrestling community for his dedication to the business and for his candor. Indeed, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon once wrote in a letter addressed to Hart, “Your respect and passion for the wrestling business is greatly appreciated, as well as your ‘shoot me between the eyes’ viewpoint.”

Straight from the Hart begins with Hart’s unique childhood. He was the second of what would become a brood of twelve children and raised in a house where men like Andre the Giant might be seated at the breakfast table. Throughout the book Hart recalls the close-knit ties his family had with the wrestling business first describing what it was like to be trained by his father and fight both with and alongside his brothers Bret and Owen, and later, why his family’s business was destroyed by McMahon’s WWF, and finally wrestling fans will find out what really happened behind the scenes of the infamous “Montreal screwjob.”

It is on the subject of his brothers that Hart writes the things that only a brother and fellow wrestler could, without vindictiveness but without any sugar coating. He reveals the huge toll steroids and other drugs have taken on his friends and family, what it was like to write his brother Bret’s newspaper columns while the “Hitman” was on the road, the reasons behind the tragic death of Owen, and the effect it had on his family.

Packed with Bruce Hart’s amazing personal stories and new insights, Straight from the Hart is a remarkably honest look inside wrestling’s most famous family and is a must-read for all wrestling fans.

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