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Article on Colt Cabana in WWE and his podcast – http://iwantwrestling.com/2011/01/27/art-of-colt-cabana/

Art of Wrestling Episode # 26 & 27 Briscoes & Del Rey

Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast – Sara Del Rey – Episode 27

Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast – The Briscoe Brothers – Episode 26

The Art Of Wrestling Podcast is a peek into the lives of pro wrestlers masterfully hosted by one of their contemporaries, Colt Cabana. Unlike a standard question and answer interview, Cabana chats up his friends to give these podcasts a unique feel.

Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana has Episode #27 with Sara Del Rey and #26 with The Briscoe Brothers available NOW for FREE at http://www.WeLoveColt.com and Itunes

Subjects covered include:

#27 Sara Del Rey
– Japanese Bath Houses
– Sara’s wild past
– Colt shares a funny story of a Diva pinning her opponent backwards
– Training with only guys
– Locker room etiquette for women in wrestling
– Sacrifices made for wrestling
– Pros/Cons being a women in wrestling
– Living and training in Japan
– Touring in Mexico
– Interests outside of wrestling
– And much much more….

Regarding wrestling in Japan
“Liger came in for a camp… Samurai TV came in and filmed it and the promoter saw me..”

Regarding sexist things said to Sara early in her career “…and he also told me, It’s not who you know….It’s who you blow”

Regarding pressure to get breast implants
“If I had fake knockers I’d probably get looked at by the Fed, but then I think God I’d have to have those suckers everywhere”

#26 Briscoes

Past guests include CM Punk, X-Pac, Christopher Daniels & Shawn Daivari with a new, free weekly podcast available at http://www.welovecolt.com and on iTunes available every Thursday. Stay up to date with Colt & The AOW Podcast on twitter, @DrColtCabana.