Nick Teodoro sent this in:

Interview on Afa Junior’s Future

After attending a NWS pro wrestling event on Saturday night I was able to catch up with some of the stars in attendance, one of which was Afa Junior, or Manu of WWE fame and here’s what he had to say:

Afa has been working with the NWS promotion for a few dates as one of the more experienced talents on their roster to bring in a door draw. “Yesterday was my first day, it’s a good experience so far,” he said. “[Judging] from the overall production of the show, there’s going to be a lot of good talent coming from here,” he added. Afa (26), has been wrestling since he was 13 years old in Austria. “I was about 6 ‘1’ 190 pounds, I was a pretty big boy.” While wrestling has been in his family for generations Afa didn’t intend on becoming a pro wrestler as his future in professional football was very bright. “I played high school football in Pennsylvania, I ended up becoming a U.S All-American in 2003, I was rated the #2 defensive tackle in all of America coming out of high school,” he said. The successes Afa enjoyed in high school prompted the University of Connecticut to offer him a football scholarship. He helped take UConn to their first ever bowl game in Toledo where his career path would change. “Unfortunately in that game I blew my knee out, [it was an] illegal block and the rest is history,” he added. While the page turned on his football career Afa took the initiative and began to train and join the family business of becoming a full time professional wrestler. “I learned a lot from my father so I try to mimic him and my brothers (headshrinkers) as much as possible, I’m creating my own twist to it,” he said. So what does the future hold for Afa Junior? “I consider myself a free agent right now, I have a lot of options at this point, a year ago I didn’t, but that’s the nature of the business you wait your turn and be patient, next week I’ll be in Paris, after that I have a deal worked out in India so I’m going all around the world without being affiliated so the future is bright, whether I choose WWE or TNA in 50/50 right now but it’ll be done before the end of the year.”