Jim Ross has a new entry on his website, this time talking about Brock Lesnar’s ESPN press conference on Wednesday, along with other topics.

“Brock Lesnar’s Press Conference is Wednesday to address his future in UFC. I expect to hear positive news from Brock and Dana White. If UFC was going to bring us bad news IE Brock’s health was going to prevent him from competing in the Octagon, then I would suggest that the press conference would be held on Friday. Friday is the day that most entities have their “bad news’ press conferences. I hope that Brock is able to fight again and regain his dominance. Knowing Lesnar as I do, he would refuse to return to the octagon unless he could be his old self which is a legit bad ass who is much more technically skilled and not just a powerhouse than some give think. Lesnar is the UFC’s most viable cash cow and his WWE past will still play well as many MMA die hards who hate pro wrestling will always pay to see Lesnar get his butt kicked much like boxing purists used to do with Muhammad Ali when he refused to go to the Viet Nam war.”

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