The latest edition of “Wrestleview Radio” for Monday, February 7, 2011 is now archived and airing on the Wrestleview Radio Network with hosts Adam Martin, Hunter Golden and Doug Lackey.

Topics discussed on the show:

* Adam, Hunter and Doug review the 2/7 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw.
* Looking at the hyped return of Vince McMahon and how it ended up being hype saved for next week.
* R-Truth screws up the city he is in and why Hunter thinks Mason Ryan needs to change his look stat.
* We try and figure out if WWE was playing a huge practical joke by booking Morrison vs. McGillicutty.
* It’s 2011 and Jerry Lawler is getting a WWE Championship shot…and why the IWC is melting down!~
* Discussion on the improvement of Dolph Ziggler and why Vickie Guerrero is just flat out amazing.
* Reviewing our “listy list” of 252 wrestlers including the wrestlers we have reviewed so far.
* Giving a preview of the territory we plan to review this Thursday night: Mid-Atlantic region!
* Thoughts on Mike Mooneyham giving a second side to the Ric Flair story from the Ireland incident.
* Reading emails sent to about TNA, the Attitude Era and much more.
* Plus, we take a few phone calls from live listeners tuning in on Monday night.
* That and much more on this subscriber only weekly Monday audio show!

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