Chris Jericho on new book, internet, Vince McMahon

Brian Soscia passed this along:

Chris Jericho called The Soscia Network Radio Show in Philly today to talk about his new book

In this interview we talked about:

-The reason he chose the title Undisputed: How to become a World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps.

-The way he used the internet before most other people in the wrestling business.

-WWE owner Vince MchMahon verbally ripping him in a heated mostly one way locker room conversation.

-How Chris feels about HHH and if he will be taking over for Vince McMahon when he decides to step down.

– If the older wrestlers helped him out when he was coming up in the wrestling business or not and how/why he helps younger wrestlers.

Plus more… for the interview.

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