Former WCW/WWE ref Mickey Henson interview

Adra Ocal sent this in:

Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas recently caught up with referee Mickey (Jay) Henson – in the “Referee Series” – Highlights:

On missing the wrestling business: “Still have friends I keep in contact with. But the stress, the travel, having to kiss everybody’s ass to make them happy – I don’t think they can pay me enough to come back and do it again”

His career: Steve Keirn broke him into the business (now runs the WWE training camp). Henson started working in Memphis – “Jerry Lawler territory”. “The Texas Hangmen come to mind – they beat the living hell out of me. Then did some matches on the old WWF TV – wrestled the Undertaker and got put in the bodybag. And wrestled the Nasty Boyz and got to smell KnobBs’ hairy armpit”

Fondest memory of wrestling: Wrestling Skinner twice in one day

Chose refereeing over wrestling: Due to longevity. Also felt he wasn’t “big enough” to do it or to “be an attraction to draw money”

Other memories of breaking into the business and the difference of breaking into the business nowadays as opposed to back then. “Now they get paid to go to (wrestling) school – which is a load of crap. Then I was making $25 bucks/night and I put up the ring!”

On refereeing Goldberg at Starrcade 98: “That was the beginning of the end for WCW. I don’t think Bill minded it very much…he was making so much money at that point. But it could’ve gone so much longer before blowing off the whole thing”

On refereeing Foley/Edge at WrestleMania 22: “I don’t think Mick Foley gets nervous anymore about anything – he’s nuts! I don’t think Edge was nervous. I didn’t have a lot to do in that match but count the 123.”

Other candid thoughts on his health (battling lymphoma), watching the present day-product, memories of Nitro, rreferee ribs, troubles of refereeing some matches, “blading” Sid at Halloween Havoc and going fishing with JBL.