Matt O’Brien writes and maintains the poll every two weeks

The most recent Wrestleview poll asked readers what celebrity they would like to see make a guest appearance at Wrestlemania. The results of that poll are as follows:

Lady Gaga 23% (675 votes)
Snooki 9% (271 votes)
LeBron James 16% (476 votes)
Justin Timberlake 8% (243 votes)
Seth Rogan 16% (481 votes)
Other (please comment) 27% (794 votes)

Total votes casted: 2,940

In this particular poll the readers were encouraged to comment as there are several celebrities out there that are potential WM guests. A few celebs that are hot as of late were provided as a start, but there are hundreds of people voters could come up with as write-ins. Compiled below is a list of a individuals voters requested via the comments section. As you can tell, they had fun with their suggestions.

The entire cast of Jersey Shore
Bob Barker
Steve Austin
Barack Obama
Brock Lesnar
Justin Beiber
Kimbo Slice
Mike Tyson
Howard stern
Charlie Sheen
Shawn Michaels
Cast of Glee
Conan O’Brien
Lil Wayne
50 cent
Jason Statham
Freddie Prinze jr
Seth Green
Bobby Cox
Ted Turner
Chipper Jones
Evander Holyfield
Neil Patrick Harris
Miley Cyrus

Speculation on what these celebrities could do is the best part. Lady Gaga would be great for a performance or an interaction with Goldust or Santino and Kozlov. The cast of Glee would be be great in a skit with LayCool. What will Justin Bieber really do at Wrestlemania? Will the audience at Wrestlemania want to hear “baby, baby, baby ohhh” or maybe The Miz will show up sporting a Bieber $700 haircut. Justin Timberlake has done a fantastic job hosting SNL lately. I can only wonder what he could do at Wrestlemania. Maybe he could create a character and sing “Bring it on down to Wrestleville”

There is also the serious side of speculation. Sting has been a huge buzz name for Mania in a potential match with Undertaker. There is also Brock Lesnar, who at one time was believed to be on a collision course with Undertaker as well. Shawn Michaels may end up making an appearance as a guest referee. One voter suggested that a celebrity with ties to the community be involved such as Chipper Jones or Bobby Cox. Steve Austin is set to host Tough Enough in the coming weeks and a Mania appearance wouldn’t seem too farfetched

One feeling a few fans have on the whole celebrity aspect of Wrestlemania is that the event should focus on wrestling, not celebrities. All year the stars of WWE bust it in the ring and some never see a Wrestlemania match. That can really sting when a match doesn’t make the Wrestlemania card because time has to be made for a celebrity instead. Fans that have that resentment toward the celebrity appearance have good reason for feeling so, but what they must remember is that Wrestlemania has always been this way. The first Wrestlemania was not centered on Greg Valentine, Ricky Steamboat, and Andre the Giant. The focus was on Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T. Wrestlemania is the biggest show in wrestling and the exposure it gets by having celebrities appear is better for everyone in wrestling by grabbing that mainstream exposure.

This past Monday on Raw the Rock was announced as the guest host for Wrestlemania. In the coming weeks we can expect to hear of other celebrities who will appear at Mania. Be it Barker, Bieber, Betty White, Wrestlemania is sure to have other celebs appearing in Atlanta.

Thanks to all those who participated and be sure to vote in the current poll asking who the Undertaker will face at Wrestlemania!

Matt O’Brien