– Last night’s WWE Raw in Fresno was sold out thanks to a walk up audience that brought a lot of signs for The Rock, and obviously, he wasn’t there. Local advertising pushed the return of The Undertaker.

– Randy Orton is asking fans to help him via Twitter to identify a doorbell ringer who he says is harassing his family. Orton posted a photo of a kid from his hi-tech security system which shows them pranking his home late at night. He also noted that some people have been threatening him and the added security gives him peace of mind when he’s on the road.

– Diva Rosa Mendes has been on a leave of absence from the company to deal with personal issues. She just did a photo shoot and did dye her hair dark.

– WWE Divas champion Eve Torres over the weekend gave a “Diva Defense” seminar in self-defense for her former sorority at the University of South California.

(information from the Wrestling Globe and Observer Newsletters)