Jericho on Wrestlemania talks, TNA’s 3-3-11 video

Recap courtesy of The Wrestling Observer.

Chris Jericho appeared on The LAW Sunday night with Dan Lovranski and Jason Agnew to promote his new book ‘Undisputed, How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps’ as well as various other topics including discussions about a return this past January as well as his assessment of TNA’s show closing trailer to end ‘Impact’ this past week:

On being contacted for WrestleMania this year:
“The original plan was for me to come back in January and then other things came up and other things were going on. There was no rush for me to come back I realized because the one good thing about me is that you can’t teach experience and I have 20-years of experience worldwide so I can come in whenever I want and still be – like when I left I think it was the best work of my career over the past three years and I left at the top of that still so I can still come back and make an impact at anytime. Then when these other things started happening and then The Rock came back, Triple H came back, The Undertaker, Booker T. and all these other guys are coming back, I don’t need to come back right now because if I was there who cares? The Rock is back, it doesn’t matter who else is on the show and then Triple H and The Undertaker are working together, so that’s going to eclipse everything else. It goes to show that those guys have been around just as long as I have, been gone longer than I have and come back and made a huge impact so I can wait in the weeds and pick and choose my time and that’s the beauty of it, I can call Vince and say this is when I want to come back or talk to him about it but there were discussions about it, absolutely, but ultimately they just didn’t transpire.”

On TNA’s 3-3-11 video from ‘Impact’:
“It drives me nuts and I’ll tell you the reason why. I am the biggest fan of TNA as a concept. I want them to be huge, Vince wants them to be huge because the more competition there is, it’s better for the business, it’s better for the boys, it’s better is for the fans. I don’t understand their obsession with copying the WWE I think it’s lame, I think its bush league and I don’t get it, they have some of the best talent, some great idea men. Why do they do this? Why do their guys go out there and say ‘When I was in the WWE I was left behind and I was held back’. If I was working for TNA I would project that it’s the greatest wrestling company in the world because if you’re not projecting it, why is anyone going to believe it? When we were in ECW it was small, I never made more than $250 a show but you would die for that company and when you came across that way, the fans came across that way and suddenly you have this underground revolution going on and it was real, it was a revolution, people believed it was the best. No one in TNA believes they are in the best company and if they don’t believe it then why am I going to believe it as a fan? Why am I going to buy their product? It’s just so bush league, they can do better than that and the guys on top there should know better and it really makes me mad because they’re wasting money and they don’t have to be wasting money but I’m not burying TNA I’m saying you should be ashamed of yourself because you can do better.”