Y2J: “As a promo man, Rock is the best of all time!”

From Arda Ocal:

Arda Ocal of The Score Television Network and Right After Wrestling sat in studio with the author of “Undisputed”, Chris Jericho. Highlights:

On the emotions within the pages of ‘Undisputed’, particularly writing about the passing of his mother [1:00]

How it was trying to please Vince McMahon as a performer, the “audience of one” as he refers to it in “Undisputed” [1:53]

After making it in pro wrestling, having to pay his dues all over again as the lead singer of Fozzy [3:09]

The similarities of being a performer in professional wrestling and being the frontman while playing in his band [5:35]

Is Chris Jericho approachable to fans? [8:02]

What is his “winning the Intercontinental title” goal for Fozzy and his acting career? [9:30]

How he felt about The Rock coming back and how unfair it was for people to claim he ‘buried’ everybody in his returning promo [11:20]

EXCERPT: “It’s unfair to say ‘The Rock came back and he embarrassed everyone and he blew everyone outta the water’ – he always did! The only difference is in The Rock’s time, he has Austin, Foley, Jericho – there were guys that could hang at that level – some of the best promo guys of all time. It’s not that guys like Cena or Miz can’t hang at The Rock’s level, it just that he (The Rock) is so far above everybody else – he always has been…as a promo man, The Rock is the best of all time!”

WATCH FULL INTERVIEW: http://video.thescore.com/watch/arda-ocal-in-studio-with-chris-jericho