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GFL Combat Sports Network Demonstrates Powerful New Anti-Piracy Service on Saturday night while broadcasting “Ring of Honor – 9th Anniversary” live event. For years, GFL has provided anti-piracy services to promoters and broadcast networks, seeking out and shutting down pirated streams. On Saturday for the first time ever GFL showed that it was possible to shut down illegal streams directly from GFL’s network operations center and absolutely identified the pirates responsible for the illegal streaming of copyrighted video.

GFL can guarantee that all illegal streams, once detected, can be shut down and the culprit’s name, e-mail address, location and other contact information can be provided. The service also provides the name of the person making the payment (if different). GFL offers this service for both Live and on-demand portals.

Jerry Palmer, CTO of GFL, explained it further: “normally, when we conduct an anti-piracy engagement, the ‘end-game’ is forcing the site where the illegal stream is playing to stop broadcasting. But we wanted to take it further than that. We want to be able to prosecute those who are harming our industry. And we want to directly control who is able to watch our streams. This wasn’t possible before. If someone purchased the stream, we had no ‘absolute’ way to stop streaming to them if we found out they were a pirate. Now we do.”

Thousands of illegal viewers were knocked off of’s illegal wrestling broadcasts on two different channels Saturday. “We’ve run anti-piracy on some events for large networks where there have literally been hundreds of thousands of viewers watching illegally. That translates into massive lost revenue for these networks. Using GFL’s proprietary technology, we can now offer them a way to minimize this loss while maximizing their revenue,” said Palmer.

When people think of GFL they think of live fights and hours of event video content made available online, but to the hundreds of GFL distribution clients GFL is very much a technology company. It’s the technology that makes it all possible and the better the technology the fewer problems there are in distributing content.

For further information about GFL’s “Terminator” anti-piracy service and technology, contact David Klarman at