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Want to own a piece of wrestling history??? Here’s a chance.

There is a 7 day auction underway right now on eBay where Dirty Dutch has placed for sale one of his prized bullwhips that has a ton of wrestling history behind it. Its been used on such notable names as Randy Savage, Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Jimmy Hart, Undertaker, Dirty White Boy, Ric Rude, Abdullah the Butcher, Carlos Colon, Jeff Jarrett and many many more. The whip suffered a major catastrophe when irate fans in Puerto Rico grabbed the end of his whip and a tug of war ensued….and the FANS WON or they at least won half the battle. Dutch has posted a story about it on his blog where he tells the story of why he placed his beloved ShooBaby #3 up for auction. Its a great read….you can click on it and read it here.

For those who just want to check out the eBay auction, here’s the link