Latest on Wrestlemania 27 party with Kevin Nash

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Nash/Waltman Update: New Video Feature, Facebook, More

Here’s the latest on the Atlanta party with Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman:

There are only 9 VIP tickets left, so if you plan on going and want to get in an hour early, be sure to secure those today! Also, we’ll be announcing two vendor guests this weekend who will be there for autographs and photo ops with ticket holders. Get your tickets now at

Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman have opened up a new Facebook page promoting their Atlanta party on Friday, April 1st at the Sutra Lounge. The two of them will be answering fan questions leading up to the event. The link to the facebook page is here:

Last but not least, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman will be bringing a camera crew with them and plan on filming a brand new shoot-style feature that will follow them around all night as they party in Hotlanta! Ticket holders for their Friday night party at the Sutra Lounge will have a part in the video as well. Nash and Waltman will be releasing this video themselves, so expect raw, candid and uncensored footage like never seen before! The video will be released on demand for download and there will be a limited DVD release as well. More information will be released as it becomes available.