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The road to WrestleMania continues and the card continues to develop. For all the storylines going on leading into the big event, put the question to you. The most recent poll asked what your favorite feud is going into Wrestlemania 27. The results are as follows:

What is your favorite feud going into Wrestlemania 27?

Cena vs The Miz 9% (339 votes)
Undertaker vs HHH 32% (1,266 votes)
Edge vs Del Rio 6% (256 votes)
Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes 5% (182 votes)
CM Punk vs Orton 16% (646 votes)
Lawler vs Cole 25% (977 votes)
Other (please comment) 8% (307 votes)

Total votes casted: 3,973

Coming in with five percent of the votes was the Mysterio-Rhodes program. Several voters voiced their disappointment with the low totals for the program in the comments section. While it’s not the most popular feud, its supports are very loyal. It should make for an interesting match considering Rhodes was handpicked by Mysterio.

Only one percentage point ahead of that was the World Championship feud between Alberto Del Rio and Edge. The last week or so has seen this feud get more intense. It’s surprising to see a title match so low in the voting, but Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio is not a match you think of when it come sot WrestleMania main event. On paper it looks like a match you could have on any show. The coming weeks should continue this feuds progress.

The Other category received eight percent of the votes. Of the comments left, voters cited Rock vs. John Cena as their favorite feud. The war of words between Cena and Rock had many thinking that maybe Cena would be dropping out of his match with Miz to fight Rock. Some even hoped for Rock to be added to Cena-Miz to make it a triple threat. A Rock-Cena match appears to be all but out the window at this point and seems to be serving in a similar capacity the Steve Austin-Mike Tyson feud served going into WrestleMania XIV.

Cena’s feud with Miz came in with nine percent of the votes and looks to be the main event heading into Mania. Many people are upset about the way Miz has been treated in this feud, especially considering how they weren’t fans of the way Miz was handled in his initial feud with John Cena back in 2009. Still, Miz has officially made it and there is no better proof of that than headlining WrestleMania.

Even though there isn’t a title on the line, the Randy Orton-CM Punk match will be a cornerstone of the card. Their program has made for great TV and looks to be the feud that will end the Nexus stable. WrestleMania will likely be the first in a series of pay per view matches between the two and they are likely to have a stellar match at Mania.

When it comes to WrestleMania build the matches that get a lot of hype include those that involve celebrities and non-wresters. One of this year’s out-of-the-norm matches will be the Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler. This match has been building for months. It started with tension at the commentator’s table and transitioned to the ring. Cole makes a spectacular heel and the wait to see Lawler beat the snot out of him at WrestleMania has kept the audience interested.

The favorite from this poll is the triple H-Undertaker program. The plans for Undertaker have changed drastically over the past few months. It was first rumored that he was going to face Wade Barrett, then have a tag team match with Kane. Many were hopeful that he would be facing Sting given Sting’s questionable TNA status at the time, as well as Mania taking place in Atlanta, GA this year. But when Undertaker returned to WWE programming last month, it was clear he would be squaring off against Triple H. It al began with a silent stare down. Now it has become the favorite WrestleMania program of the Wrestleview readers. This will be Triple H’s second time against Undertaker at WrestleMania, but the circumstances are much different this time. This year it is a battle of living legends returning to their WrestleMania stage to prove who the better man is. Come that day, millions will tune in to find out whom.

Thanks to all those who participated and be sure to check out the current poll on the Wrestleview homepage asking which organization consistently holds the best pay per views!

Matt O’Brien