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Legendary Wrestler Honored on The Rose Report

(Tampa, FL) – Sadly an Icon in professional wrestling, Sir Oliver Humperdink passed away, shocking fans everywhere. In his honor, Shannon Rose dedicated his Rose Report to the memory of this legend.

The Rose Report featuring Sir Oliver Humperdink can be viewed at:

Sir Oliver Humperdink is a legend whose impact on the sport will never be forgotten. He is best known for his time managing the Bam Bam Bigelow; but the roster of whose career Humperdink managed goes on and on.

Humperdink is well known for his signature flame red hair and loud bright jackets and of course that scepter he would carry to the ring and occasionally use on opponents.

The Rose Report brings you interviews from the people that knew Humperdink best such as X-PAC and Fidel Sierra.

Its a touching tribute to a legend who made such a profound impact on the sport he loved the most, professional wrestling.

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